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Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love

Are you settling into a new space or learning to love an old one again? After so much time at home, it’s not surprising that so many of us are changing things up! Recently, we sat down with two of our favorite content creators, Katie Mack and Dee Eke, for some advice on decorating. Both women frequently share scenes from their homes on Instagram, and we are always inspired by their fun and creative approach to decorating their homes. 

By Printfresh Staff
October 2021
Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love
Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love

Dee Eke on how to design your home with DIYs and budget-friendly decor

Dee Eke (@dee.diary) is an expert at making any space feel comfortable, from budget-friendly DIYs to revamping her rental into her dream home.

You do a lot of DIY projects around your home. What are your best tips for keeping DIYs and decor in general budget friendly? 

Start with an actual budget! Make a list of what you need in your space and figure out how much you have to spend. Don't feel like you need to eliminate big ticket items because you don't have the money right now. If you’re strategic, you can set Google Alerts to tell you when things go on sale or you can buy them during big discount times around the holidays. For things I can’t afford, I’ll typically look at ways in which I can achieve that look myself instead.

What are a few simple ways you have dressed up empty walls? 

I recently made a faux wallpaper using two paint colors. I also really like removable wallpaper, it has an immediate impact and doesn't take much time to put up, plus it’s perfect for making rentals look more “you”. If you’re nervous about making bigger changes, start by decorating with art. You could even try making it yourself!


Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love
Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love

What 3 things do you need in a room to make it feel like home?

Plants, paint and art. The choices you make in those three things are very personal.

What tips do you have for decorating a rental to reflect your personal style? 

Stop worrying about the fact that you’ll move one day! It may be sooner or later than planned but the trick is to enjoy living in your space right now. You don't have to make holes in the wall if you don't want to. But a little paint, removable wallpaper, some plants and art go a really long way in making your space feel personal to you.

In your opinion, what makes a house a home? 

Infuse your space with personality! Furniture choices, paint colors, art, fabric textures, the plants that people choose are all things that say something about who lives in a space. Even pets say so much about the owner of a home.

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Katie Mack on how to decorate a new home with color

Katie Mack (@candycoloredhome) is known for blending neturals with bright hues and vintage treasures. She shares her thoughts on making color work in your new home:

What advice do you have for someone looking to add more color to their home?

Paint is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to dramatically change a space and add in color. Start by picking paint or wallpaper for an accent wall. I like to keep things more monochrome so it doesn’t feel too circusey. If I’m using complementary colors, I suggest no more than 3. If you’re not ready to commit to paint just yet, add in some colorful throws, pillows or a vibrant rug.

Why do you think adding color makes such a difference?

For me personally, a space without color lacks personality! Color can also be a powerful mood booster. I have found that pastels make me happy and calm, and there’s something very nostalgic about them.

Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love
Your New Home: Advice for Creating a Home You Love

What are your best tips for incorporating color into your home for the first time?

Gravitate towards what you love and don’t worry about what’s popular. I usually start with the feel that I want a space to have and pick a color based on that mood. After deciding on a color, pick a big focal point for each space first, like the couch or bed, and then build everything around that. Sometimes taking a risk works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but you find your true voice when you listen to your intuition!

What makes a house a home?

A house becomes a home when it reflects you, your personality and taste. You should feel happy and comfortable in your home and surround yourself with decor that makes you feel calm yet energized. That’s always my goal with design! 

Have you made any changes to your home lately? What’s most important in making your space feel like home? Let us know in the comments.

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