Mother's day is a little more than a week away, and I'm back on the blog today with more gift-wrapping tips!

There's nothing better than the feeling of finding the perfect gift - but even more than that, I love adding decorative touches to make sure the experience of unwrapping it is just as special as the present itself. I have a special collection of scarves, wrapping paper and accessories that I've carefully collected over the years, and while it's always fun picking out the perfect patterns for those I love, it can be really difficult to let go of a whole sheet of my favorite wrapping paper.

This quick and cute DIY is the perfect way to make your favorite wrapping paper go even further, or use a few different coordinating sheets to mix and match! I used our signature Foreign Bazaar, Elephant’s Garden and Blush Triangle wrapping sheets to create beautiful belly bands, accenting a classic kraft paper base.

Items Needed


  1. To start, wrap your gift with kraft paper. I love the earthy look and texture of recycled kraft paper, and it serves as the perfect blank canvas for all of our wrapping sheets!
  2. Cut a belly band out of your gift wrapping sheet, making sure to cut it to the desired size/width.
    Feel like embracing the art of pattern mixing? Get really adventurous, and try layering belly bands to give your packaging even more punch! 
  3. Wrap the belly band around your gift, and secure the paper with tape.
  4. Wrap raffia or twine around your gift (either going the same way as the belly band or opposite) as many times as you want!
  5. Pick some fresh flowers from your backyard (or from your favorite florist or seasonal market) and attach - fresh flowers make everything even better.

To help make your Mother's Day gifts even more special, I'm also excited to share some free downloadable gift tags, perfect for the occasion.  

[Printable Mother's Day Tags - Click Here!]

Print these tags on cardstock, cut them out, and then mix and match them for all your Mama's Day gifts! And if you have extras, share them with a friend or coworker, or save them in your gift wrapping stash for next year.

What special gift wrapping accessories do you keep in your collection?

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