I always love hand-making cards for special occasions - that's part of the reason why I've only included a few cards in my current and upcoming stationery collections. A great card can be really simple, and the experience of giving it to a loved one is made even more special when she knows that you've tailored it just for her.

Today I'm sharing a project that is half printable, half DIY! Use your artistic skills (even if you're a beginner) and our hand-lettered text to to create the perfect Mother's Day card. 

Download the card layouts from the links below, and print them out on card stock. Cut them out and fold them, and you're ready to decorate the cards however your heart desires.

Personally, I love the simple style of textural mark-making. I experimented with a variety of different colors and styles, which hopefully help inspire you! For the blobby dots I dipped q-tips into black ink. To get the pink circle marks, I used a pencil eraser as a stamp, pressing it into gouache and stamping away the excess paint on paper towels, before moving to the cards. For a more controlled, slightly elongated stroke I used a standard brush with watercolor. 

Click the links below to access one (or all!) of our four downloadable Printfresh Mother’s Day cards. I hope you have as much fun decorating them as we had designing them!

To a very fabulous mother

From your favorite child



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