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DIY: Watercolor Art Project

Who says art projects are just for children? Printfresh founder Amy created this watercolor DIY project that’s perfect for anyone looking for a creative project. Unlock your creativity and try your hand at this painting inspired by our newest print, Eat Your Asparagus.
By Printfresh Staff
July 2021
DIY: Watercolor Art Project
DIY: Watercolor Art Project

Watercolor can be a wonderful medium to use, it’s especially fun during the warmer months since it’s so portable you can work outside, at the kitchen table, or take a set with you on vacation. Here are the step-by-step instructions you will need to make your own watercolor painting of asparagus, inspired by our beloved Eat Your Asparagus pajamas.

What You’ll Need:

1. Watercolor paper 
Any watercolor paper will do. I like it to be fairly smooth but if you like a little texture to your paper that’s okay too. Cold-pressed watercolor paper is great and this one is very economical. 

2. A few brushes 
Here is a set of 4 watercolor brushes I like. I prefer to use ones that have a pointed tip and I also love to use some really tiny ones for finer details like on the bow in this painting.

3. A set of watercolors 
I love this one.  It’s a little expensive but I have been using the same one for the last 8 years and haven’t run out of paint yet! There are so many different varieties of paints, but I like the pan sets that have a palette built-in so that you can take it with you when traveling.

4. A cup of water + paper towels + a pencil
These are easy to grab from your house or even in a hotel when you travel!


1. Sketch the asparagus lightly with a pencil on your watercolor paper. You can either print out and trace the template provided here or transfer the artwork onto your paper. If your watercolor paper is thin enough you can lightly trace the art by using a window or a light table if you have one, or rub the back with a pencil and then draw on top to transfer to the paper.

2. Mix up a couple of shades of pale green paint with water in your palette. 

3. Apply the paint in a translucent layer to most of the asparagus, it’s fine to do it in a loose style and leave some white areas if you wish. You will be layering up different shades of green and purple so it doesn’t need to be filled in perfectly.

4. Start to layer in some shadows using diluted purple paint and mixing purple with green to give it a realistic look. You can add a shadow at the bottom if you wish. 

5. Add in details like some purple in the asparagus tips and little lines along the stalk to build up some texture.

6. Mix your orange paint with a little red to make the tie. Paint first with an orange tone, and once dry work up the plaid pattern with a very fine detail brush. 

7. Allow your painting to dry completely and evaluate if you would like to add more detail. Watercolor is easy to overwork if it’s too wet, so letting it dry and stepping away for a bit is a good idea. When you come back, you can look at the painting with fresh eyes and make any additional adjustments. 

8. Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your finished artwork!

Taking a break from work or chores to do something creative can be a wonderful way to reset. You can even use this project to wind down before you head to bed. Throw on your Eat Your Asparagus pajamas and complete your painting. It can help you to quiet your mind so you can get a good night’s sleep.

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