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Read, Watch, Listen: January 2022

If you live on the east coast like us, cold temps and short days make January a great month to stay inside and catch up on the tv, podcasts and books you may have missed over the busy holiday season. 
By Printfresh Staff
January 2022
Read, Watch, Listen: January 2022
Read, Watch, Listen: January 2022

In Philadelphia, we welcomed the new year with cold temps, crisp wind and even a little snow. While it’s certainly not our favorite type of weather (most of us prefer the balmier climes of destinations like Tulum), the perk is that there really is nothing to do except curl up in your pjs with a cup of mulled wine and catch up on some of our favorite entertainment picks.

A Good Book:

For reads that are easy to pick up and put down over time (or in between weekend cat naps), Amy loves David Sedaris and has been working her way through A Carnival of Snackery, while Sophia is enjoying Mary Oliver’s book of poems

On the other hand, when you’ve got a snowy afternoon to spare, Britt suggests diving into this thriller.

Easy Listening:

Well, maybe not easy – but definitely interesting. As an entrepreneur, Amy finds other people’s business stories fascinating, and Shopify’s In Conversation podcast does not disappoint. 

When it’s time to turn off the podcasts (or tv) and set the mood, our fresh picks include the new single Mona Lisa and Slow Dancing.

If It’s TV You’re After:

It’s late (and maybe best saved for next year), but we can’t resist a corny Christmas movie and Netflix’s A Castle for Christmas was not terrible. What is terrible is the reboot of Dynasty… but somehow Amy just can’t stop watching it. 

Sex Lives of College Girls tackles topics most women can identify with in a way that’s not overly simplified but still comedic, while Yellowjackets is a coming of age-turn-horror story that Britt just can’t stop watching.

When you need a break from the teenage drama, tune into drama of another type – the will they/won’t they (invest) saga that is Shark Tank. Or, settle in for Netflix’s new dramedy, Don’t Look Up. Just be forewarned, the message of the film is not exactly uplifting. 

What are your entertainment picks this month?

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