Father’s Day Coupon Book

Father’s Day Coupon Book
Sometimes it’s hard to find just the right gift for your special guy (DAD) and sometimes you just run out of time! In a pinch, one of my favorite DIY gifts are coupons - IOUs that can be redeemed for all of the things Dads love (carwashes, chores, and special dinners, to name just a few). To make the coupon-making process even simpler and prettier, we created these customizable gift cards that you can use in lieu of a store-bought present.  

Bind your vouchers into coupon books, or trim and give individually! You can print them on white or colored paper and bind them with staples or a simple hole punch and twine.
If you’re feeling crafty, add a cover to your book using colorful scrapbook paper. Wrap the coupon book or place into a standard-sized envelope, and you're good to go.

Items Needed (optional)



  1. To start, download our coupon book (here) + (here).
  2. Print out the coupons on white or colored paper.
  3. Once printed, cut out into individual coupon pieces.
  4. After all of the coupons are separated, either staple your book or hole punch and tie your booklet together.
  5. Gift to your Dad!

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