When trying to decide where to donate a portion of our profits for #GivingTuesday, we started to realize that there are so many worthy causes and charities in need of help right now. Instead of picking where the profits from our customers’ hard-earned money should go, we want to let YOU decide.

As a company who lives and works in Philadelphia, we are passionate about giving back to the art education programs to help support the children in our community - but we need your help deciding between the Philadelphia Children’s Foundation and Art Sphere Inc.!

Over the next week we will be collecting your votes through your comments on social media and the poll below. The charity with the most votes wins, and we will donate 10% of all our online sales on Printfresh products during the month of December to that charity.

Keep reading to learn a little more about the two charities
we chose and then scroll down to cast your vote!


1. Philadelphia Children's Foundation

PCF supports Philadelphia public schools by installing internet-ready computers in classrooms and publicly accessible locations. They also help outfit school libraries with books, provide computers to low-income families that do not have them, and teach 3D printing classes.

Their mission is to help children of all ages find their passion, develop needed skills, and make positive career and life decisions for a successful future.


2. Art Sphere Inc

ASI nurtures the artist in all of us to be able to think beyond what is possible in our own lives and communities. Their students, volunteers, and partners transcend obstacles to bring about positive and lasting change that continuously enables thriving neighborhoods and a vibrant city!

More and more, communities across our region are stretched for creative public resources. Declining education funding has forced schools to cut art programs, while shrinking budgets prevent libraries and recreation centers from offering their own visual-arts programs. ASI aims to fill the artistic void in these communities by fostering the visual arts and developing broader skills to help students thrive in all subjects.


Voting is closed! We will announce a winner shortly. Stay tuned!

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