Guide to Self

Guide to Self

If you’re anything like us, you love reading about different personality types and figuring out what our little eccentricities say about who we are—why we think and act the way we do, what our strengths and weaknesses are, and what other personality types we’re most likely to get along with. Two of our favorite personality systems are the zodiac signs and the Enneagram types, and once we found out there was a correlation between the two, we knew we had to investigate further!

It’s believed that the nine Enneagram types represent nine celestial bodies—seven planets, the sun and the moon. Since each zodiac sign has a planetary ruler, it makes sense, then, that certain zodiac signs would be associated with specific Enneagram types based on their ruling planet. 

So, we did a little research and determined what we believe to be the corresponding zodiac-Enneagram types. Check them out below to see if your type and sign coincide to get some tips on how you can enjoy the fall season the most.

Type 1 / Mercury / Virgo and Gemini

You’re super hardworking, ambitious and like to keep yourself busy while maintaining balance. You focus on right from wrong and don’t like to make mistakes, to the point that some friends may call you a perfectionist. Your fall nights are best spent with a cozy night in, lighting some scented candles, and getting all of your work done in anticipation for your next big plan. Organize your busy schedule while lounging around in our Eyes of the World Robe.

Type 2 / Moon / Cancer

You’re very generous, warm-hearted and creative, leading to great relationships and emotional expression through art. Your selfless care for others leads you to be the motherly figure of your friends, but make sure to balance with self-care. Make great memories this fall by hosting a friendsgiving dinner and incorporating your creativity with some homemade decorations. Take some time for yourself by reflecting on what you're thankful for with our Velvet Gratitude Journal

Type 3 / Sun / Leo

You’re charming, ambitious, confident and work hard to impress—resulting in a great image while also giving yourself a sense of accomplishment and pride. Your constant performer mindset leads you to focus most on being the star of the show, and you have everybody waiting to see what's next. Your perfect fall night will be Halloween when you get to impress with your showstopper costume. Make sure to keep that confidence boost always with you and let others know your status with our Moon Goddess Velvet Journal.

Type 4 / Neptune / Pisces 

You’re creative, sensitive, romantic and an artist at heart, focusing on all things beautiful and magical. You'd take fantasy over reality any day and are known to turn a blind eye to anything that doesn’t move you and catch your dreamer’s eye—a true non-conformist. This season, create your own whimsical fall night-in full of pumpkin carving and scary movies with friends. Keep dreaming through the next day with our Celestial Skies Pajama Set.

Type 5 / Uranus / Aquarius

You’re innovative, eccentric, and free-spirited, always setting yourself apart with your unique way of going about life with no desire to follow the crowd. You’re known as the inventor and revolutionary thinker, always busy finding new ways to solve the big issues in the world and to help others. Spend your free time this fall thinking up and creating the most out-of-the-box Halloween costume from scratch. Pick up our Spellbook Velvet Journal to take with you on the go to jot down your creative ideas as soon as they come to you. 

Type 6 / Saturn / Capricorn

You’re engaging, strong and driven, and your unwavering initiative to accomplish makes you quite the role model. The ultimate planner, you don’t let anything get between you and carrying out your many goals, but tend to shy away from the unknown. Make the absolute most of this fall by squeezing in haunted houses, apple picking, pumpkin carving, and every fall activity you can before the season is up! Maximize your time by planning everything out in our Velvet Weekly Agenda.

Type 7 / Jupiter / Sagittarius 

You’re enthusiastic, adventurous and curious, and known as the wild child with constant wanderlust in pursuit of knowledge. With so many experiences, you’re known as a great storyteller and light up any room with your humor and occasional unfiltered comments. Spend this season traveling around to experience fall and the changing of the leaves in as many beautiful places as possible. Keep track of all of your destinations and memories with our Embroidered Cotton Wanderlust Travel Journal.

Type 8 / Mars / Scorpio and Aries

You’re powerful, energetic and confident, and because you’re so courageous, you’re known to emanate a lust for life. Your ambition leads you to strive for #1 in everything, and you usually get there, but not without occasionally being a slight control freak. Make sure you're making the best Halloween plans for you and all of your friends by planning the blow out party of the year. Jot down your party planning to-do list for you (and probably your friends) with our Productivity Large Noteblock.

Type 9 / Venus / Libra and Taurus

You’re easygoing, loving, peaceful and one with nature, which allows you to trust that life has the ability to balance itself out if you stay focused. Your calm and reflective demeanor gives you the ability to hold great relationships with others through mutual guidance. Don't worry about planning out this season too far in advance, you benefit from taking whatever plans and opportunities come up as they may. Once they do, throw some essentials into our Celestial Sky Velvet Pouch and head out for a good time.

Do your zodiac sign and Enneagram type match up? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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