Meet the Team: Welcoming Spring

Meet the Team: Welcoming Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and even though we're social distancing and working from home, we can still harness this fresh energy for new goals and appreciation for everything this season brings. Read our latest Meet the Team interview below to hear about how we're celebrating May, Mother's Day, and the arrival of warmer weather.

Louise and Amy wear the Sunrise Short Sleep Sets in Indigo and Peach Cloud

Now that it's getting warmer, in what ways are you enjoying the outdoors while also social distancing?

Amy, Founder + Creative Director: We are currently staying at our weekend home (which was a big fixer upper project we just finished before schools were closed), so we have a lot more space than we are used to. We’ve been playing frisbee, t-ball, soccer, and all sorts of things in the yard that my kids are loving. I haven’t spent this much time outdoors in probably the last 10 years of city-living so I’m thankful for all the sunshine and fresh air. 

Sophia, Marketing Manager: I’ve been laying out on my back porch A LOT—in fact, I got my first sunburn of the season over the weekend (oops). Since I’m working from home, I’ve had every window in the apartment open to let in the fresh air and my cats have been loving the extra sounds and smells! I’ve also been going on walks to grab take out from local restaurants. After the last few weeks of cooking almost every single meal, it’s nice to be able to take a break and support some neighborhood spots.

Christiane, Designer + Art Director: I have a small (but large-for-the-city) backyard, and I’ve been spending a lot of time working in my garden! An amazing nursery in Amish country has been doing appointments, so I took a day off last week to head out there and pick up a bunch of veggie starts, annuals and perennials for my garden beds and deck planters. I help run a local farm animal sanctuary Chenoa Manor in my free time, and have been getting out there every Saturday to decompress. I mostly help with their photography and marketing, so my days there have been spent taking pictures of the animals, sitting in the sun and doing some plein air paintings.

Any new goals for the month of May?

Amy: I am thinking about getting into ocean swimming and kayaking to be able to enjoy the water here but in a safe and distanced way. I’m decorating our screened-in porch at the moment, which is a fun project. I’m also hoping to finish the book I just started for one of the book clubs I’m in (yes I’m in multiple book clubs). It’s called My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress.

Sophia: Replacing some TV time with more reading and time spent outside. Now that it’s starting to be consistently nice out, there’s really no excuse for me to still be binge-watching Netflix shows haha. I’m planning on getting my porch set up really nice this weekend and hoping to start doing morning coffee and dinners out there.

Christiane: I really want to read more—I have a stack of books at the foot of my bed that have either been untouched or read halfway and then abandoned. My goal for May is to finish two of them!

Christiane wears the Sunrise Long Sleep Set in Peach Cloud

April showers bring May flowers—so what's your favorite flower?

Amy: I’m in love with the Irises that are blooming right now, we have purple, yellow, and white ones. I’m also interested in planting a cutting garden with lilacs, peonies, dahlias. In India, we commonly see the huge dinner plate dahlias. I'd love to grow some of those. 

Sophia: I love so many flowers I can’t pick just one! Orchids and dahlias are definitely up there, though. Bird of paradise, passion flower, and bleeding heart are also really interesting looking. And honeysuckle, lavender and gardenia are a few of my favorite scents. I can't wait to be able to go to Longwood Gardens again!

Christiane: I’m more of a leaf person than a flower person—I have a little fern section in my garden where I have a bunch of different hardy varieties. I’m also partial to the leaves of my fig tree, nasturtium and columbine. But flower-wise my favorites are probably dahlias, hydrangeas and peonies!

Any special Mother's Day plans?

Amy: Not sure! I hope that Leo and the kids have something in the works :) I sent packages to my mom and mother and law since we won’t be able to see them in person this year. 

Sophia: Since my parents live in a different state I won’t be able to celebrate with them this year, which is especially upsetting because my mom’s birthday also falls on the same weekend. But I’ve sent a card, present, and I’m sure we’ll be having a nice lengthy phone convo that evening. 

Christiane: My parents are only a couple hours away, so I think I’m going to do a little overnight trip to see them. I’ve been going back and forth about whether it’s a good idea or not with everything that’s going on, but our family is small and we’ve all been practicing social distancing so I think it will be safe to relax for a day. Plus it’s pretty much the only gift my mom really wants. 

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Amy wears the Sunrise Long Sleep Set in Indigo

We just released our new Sunrise pajama print. What’s a favorite song of yours with “sun” in it?

Amy: "Sun is Shining" by Bob Marley and the Wailers. 

Sophia: Two of my favorite songs from Ryan Bingham’s album Mescalito have the word sun in them—”Sunrise” and “Sunshine.” That album in general is really great. It’s got a bluesy-Americana sound with even a touch of mariachi at times. I highly recommend it!

Christiane: My favorite sun-related song is Sharon van Etten’s "Every Time the Sun Comes Up." The music video was a local Philly production, and a few of my friends make appearances!

Find our full sun-inspired Spotify playlist here.

Sunrise or sunset?

Amy: I literally cannot choose. I love walking on the beach in the morning when the sun is rising. It's so beautiful and I love wide open empty beach to myself. BUT, I love drinking a glass of white wine and watching the sunset—each one is different and always so epic. In Philly, our office had an amazing view of the the sunset and the city and it inspired many of our ombre designs and color combinations. We’d always call out “it’s showtime” when the sky would start to change to beautiful shades of pinks and the clouds would form beautiful shapes. 

Sophia: Sunset. I’m a morning person, but not sunrise-level of a morning person haha. Plus, you can see the sunset perfectly from our back porch and the colors are amazing.

Christiane: Sunset. I’m not an anti-morning person but I love spending the evening outside watching the shift from brilliant blue skies to fading pinks to duty purples. There’s something magical about feeling the world get dark around you!

Sophia wears the Sunrise Short Sleep Set in Peach Cloud

Worst sunburn you’ve ever gotten?

Amy: Colorado on a snowboarding trip in high-school, it was brutal. Now that I know better I wear sunscreen every day, and foundation that has SPF in it. And, during the summer I wear a straw hat all the time to avoid any more sun damage. 

Sophia: When I was in high-school I went to the Jersey Shore with my parents for a week. On one of the last days we were there I fell asleep on my stomach on the beach. It was a cloudy day so I didn’t think to put on sunscreen (rookie mistake)–oh man, I got FRIED. Blisters and everything. The worst part was that I had to then spend six hours in the car sitting on my sunburnt butt and legs for the drive back to our house in VA. I was miserable.

Christiane: My mom has always been very militant about applying sunscreen, so I usually try to be pretty good about avoiding sunburn. But there have definitely been a few times where I missed the backs of my knees and had to deal with the feeling of my legs burning every time I moved!

Spring cleaning or nah?

Amy: Usually yes, but with homeschooling right now and working, cleaning is just going to have to wait! 

Sophia: This might be weird, but I love to clean! It’s actually something I do when I’m stressed or anxious—it takes my mind off whatever is bothering me and gives me a task to focus on. I put on music and just go for it. Having a clean living space is really important to me and I feel like it helps keep my mind clear as well. 

Christiane: I love being able to throw open the windows and doors and air things out while giving everything a good clean! This year I really need to go through my basement—I’ve been putting it off, but once the weather gets a bit nicer I’m going to finally tackle it. My house has been a work-in-progress for the last six years, and the basement is filled with a bunch of building stuff that really needs to be thrown out or donated once and for all. Then once the floor and walls are resealed, it has the potential to be a MUCH nicer, more useable space!

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