Be Your Most Productive Self in 2019

Be Your Most Productive Self in 2019

The new year is the perfect opportunity to break bad habits and introduce some good ones. It means that we’re all a little older, hopefully a little wiser, and ready to work toward being our best selves. Whether it’s eating better, exercising more, or making ourselves put down the remote and pick up a book, the new year gives us that invigorating feeling of motivation and possibility.

If you’re anything like us, getting organized and increasing productivity are usually somewhere toward the top of your resolution list. “If I’d put it back where it belongs then I’d be able to find it” and “I swear I’ll get to my to-do list tomorrow” seemed like our mantras in 2018, but things are going to be different this year.

Yes, this year we’re holding ourselves accountable! After all, there’s plenty of tools out there to make getting organized easy and dare we say—fun. Take our new Productivity Blocks for example. Writing out your shopping list, counting your mindfulness minutes, and tracking your tasks don’t seem so daunting when they’re all in one place—especially when that one place has beautifully gilded sides. Looking for more inspiration? Check out some examples below…

Bullet journal, to-do list and gratitude journal all in one place. We love using this block to reflect on what we’re thankful for, list our to-do’s, and keep track of the healthy routine we started for the new year.

Forget sloppily jotting down your shopping list on scrap paper and instead add it to your Productivity Block. That way you have your list and tasks in one place—just tear off the page and bring it with you. Don’t forget to use the grid as a drawing space for some daily creativity!

It’s easy to get caught up taking life too seriously, so we also like to use the Productivity Block to remind ourselves to take a step back, breathe, and remember the important things. This mindfulness-inspired set up is our go-to for a less stressed year.

So, with the help of the Productivity Block and a few other fun tools, here’s hoping 2019 is filled with more “I’m on it”s and fewer “I forgot”s—even come February 1.

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