We are so happy to be a part of Philly Paper Jam’s program. With a few other partners (The Dominic Fuscia Team and Peekaboo Pediatrics) we were able to provide all the paper for the year at Adaire, a local public school in our neighborhood.

Printfresh Leo and Amy Voloshin and Dominic Fuscia at Alexander Adaire Elementary School With Philly Paper Jam Donation

Philadelphia public schools have been running out of paper, and so Philly Paper Jam was founded by a friend of ours, Sybil Lyndsay(of hipsterhenry.com “The Parent’s Guide to Philadelphia” to ensure that 30 public elementary schools get the paper they need for the 20016-2017 school year. Philly Paper Jam is working to provide the opportunity for schools to save on their cost of paper purchases for the year. They have teamed together the schools that are interested in participating to purchase a large, bulk paper order.

To learn how to donate to other local schools, you can find more info here.

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