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Amy’s Summer Watch List

Immersing yourself in a TV show or movie is a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Founder Amy’s summer watch list has great picks featuring shows that give you a glimpse into the lives of strangers, entice you with mystery, and move you with emotion.
By Amy Voloshin
July 2021
Amy’s Summer Watch List
Amy’s Summer Watch List

After a long day of work, cooking and taking care of my kids, I find it helpful to watch something on TV in order to decompress. It’s become a part of my nightly routine, which means finding worthwhile shows and movies to watch each season is essential. This summer I have sought out shows that are both emotional and entertaining.

My Summer Watch List

Amy’s Summer Watch List
Amy’s Summer Watch List

Worn Stories: This heartwarming limited series on Netflix is an adaptation of my friend Emily Spivak’s book of the same name. In eight short episodes, the show digs into people’s stories surrounding their most meaningful pieces of clothing. It was incredible to see and learn how many people have positive connections to their clothes. 

Lupin: When watching TV becomes part of your nightly routine, keeping in mind the interests of those around you is just as important as your own. This Netflix series is great because my husband and I can enjoy it together. It’s a french who-dunnit series following Assane Diop and his adventures attempting to avenge his father’s death.

Mare of Eastown: It was definitely interesting to watch the phenomenal Kate Winslet master our local Darby accent! The show is about Mare Sheehan, a small-town Pennsylvania detective who’s investigating a local murder, while also battling the trials and tribulations in her own life.

Special: This Netflix show is both funny and heartwarming as you watch Ryan O’ Connell play a semi-autobiographical character who’s also gay with cerebral palsy. The show follows his journey of going after the life that he wants for himself, and is a pure joy to watch. 

Master of None: Who doesn’t love a good dramedy show? This one is a Netflix original series created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Young. It’s another show that follows great characters who are simply just trying to figure out life (I’m currently on season 2). Watch main character Dev, his childhood friend Denise, and their eclectic group of friends navigate adulthood as best as they can!

Project Runway: My kids have been loving watching this classic fashion competition show (who wouldn’t?). You can join me in catching up on recent seasons by watching on Bravo or Hulu with a Premium Subscription. 

Promising Young Woman: During a year when almost everything was bad news, the release of this movie gave 2020 a sliver of redemption. This thriller starring Carey Mulligan is all about the path of revenge a young woman takes following a traumatizing event in her past. (The film does delve into important messages regarding sexual assault, so it may not be appropriate for all viewers). 

Halston: This Netflix miniseries takes a look at the real life and career of Halston, a fashion designer who rose to fame in the 1970s. As a lover of all things fashion, I found it extremely interesting and wonderfully entertaining. I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in the fashion world.

The Planters: This comedy may be off the beaten path, but it’s a great movie nonetheless! It’s about an awkward young woman who takes in a girl with multiple personalities and finds out she may not be cut out for three friends in one. It’s a great watch when you’re looking for something a little different and can be found on Tubi and Amazon Prime. 

Uncorked: It’s the classic battle between what you want and what your family wants for you. This Netflix movie follows a young man who wants more than anything to become a master sommelier. However, his family expects him to take over the family’s barbecue business. It’s an emotional film, and definitely worth the watch.

My watch list is constantly growing, mostly thanks to recommendations from friends and my team at work. I’d much rather watch a show I’ve heard is good prior to dedicating my own time to it. Some of the shows that I’ve heard good things about and would like to check out next include: Pause with Sam Jay, The Great Pottery Throw Down, Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, and The Bold Type

When it comes to movies, I despise sitting through a bad one, so Rotten Tomatoes is my best friend. I’ll often discover highly rated movies that I wouldn’t normally think to watch on my own, but end up being a nice surprise. Next on my watchlist for movies is Wework on Hulu!

This summer I want to make movie nights even more special by making a fun cocktail to drink while watching a movie. This requires a little more thought and effort than just turning Netflix on, so it will make sitting down for movie night with friends and family even more exciting. Another way to spice up summer movie nights is by investing in a mini projector to enjoy movies outside or on a screened-in porch (if you want to avoid the bugs like me!).

How are you going to make summer movie nights special this year, and what’s currently on your watch list? I’m always looking for the next great TV show or movie to enjoy, so please share with me and the rest of our readers in the comments!

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