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Amy's Summer Reading List

Diving into a good book may be the simplest way to escape the everyday. Founder Amy’s summer reading list provides reads to get informed, learn something new, delve into new stories, or just unwind for a more restful night’s sleep.
By Amy Voloshin
July 2021
Amy's Summer Reading List
Amy's Summer Reading List

I love to read and typically have at least a few different books to enjoy throughout any particular season. This summer I have been exploring topics to help expand my knowledge on topics I am passionate about (mostly fashion) and stories that offer a perspective different from my own (I’m a huge fan of author Haruki Murakami, and have been trying to catch up on all the books he has written).

My Summer Reading List (so far)

Amy's Summer Reading List ; Photo credit: <u><a href="" target="_blank">Bookshop</a></u>
Amy's Summer Reading List ; Photo credit: Bookshop

Conscious Closet: I have been loving fashion books, specifically ones involving sustainability. Elizabeth Cline walks through how important it is to be aware of where your clothes are coming from and what they're made of. 

Overdressed: Another Elizabeth Cline book that empowers us to be a part of the ethical fashion movement and reevaluate fast fashion purchases. 

Conscious Capitalism: As a business owner, I believe in the importance of continuous improvement. This book provides guidance on how you can continue to grow as a business while still preserving the good of capitalism and society.

How to do Nothing: For those who feel like they can never unplug, this is a must read. Jenny Odell provides a plan to resist capitalist narratives of productivity and our reliance on technology to help us become more meaningfully connected. 

First Person Singular: I love Haruki Murakami’s writing style. First Person Singular has eight different stories ranging from youthful memories to dreamlike scenarios, that make you question whether it's a memoir of fiction.

The Elephant Vanishes: This is another Haruki Murakami favorite. It contains 17 short stories with a range of themes from alienation to unity. 

The Power of Receiving: This Amanda Owen book gives a new perspective on the importance of receiving and how it should be valued just as much as giving. It really helps you look inward and evaluate your perspective on receiving.

My reading list is constantly evolving based on what I find at my local library and recommendations from friends and the search algorithms. The library is amazing at getting new books and authors on display and I can easily use their app to see what’s new. If you are an e-reader or an audiobook listener, the Libby app is a great tool to find what’s available at your local library.

I’m a compulsive book finisher, I try to pick carefully. Once I start a book, it’s really difficult for me to abandon it, but some books just don’t resonate and that’s ok! I really try to make sure the book aligns with my passions and my current reading habits. Personally, I like to read or listen to informational books during the day and dive into a good fiction story before bed to help me unwind.

What are your reading habits, and what is on your summer reading list? I am always looking for new reads, so please share any must-reads in the comments with me and the rest of our readers!

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