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Meet The Team: Summer Lovin'

Summer is finally here! It's going to look a little different this year, but there's still plenty to love about the season of sun. In fact, we've been thinking a lot about our summer favorites—from drinks to vacation spots—and want to share them with you, including a curated Spotify playlist we've been jamming along to the last couple weeks.

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Women Who Inspire: Lauren Leavell

I first met Lauren after I saw her modeling photos on Instagram and knew I wanted to work with her for our pajama line. We began talking, shot a few looks for our website, and I was so thrilled when she agreed to also be featured on our blog. Read on to hear more about Lauren's approach to fitness, beauty and self care.

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Meet the Team: Welcoming Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and even though we're social distancing and working from home, we can still harness this fresh energy for new goals and appreciation for everything this season brings. Read our latest Meet the Team interview below to hear about how we're celebrating May, Mother's Day, and the arrival of warmer weather.

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Meet the Team: Staying In

It wasn't that long ago that the Printfresh team was hanging out together in the studio trying on pajamas and brainstorming new prints. But for now, we're staying in and staying safe. In the post below, we discuss the transition to working from home, what we're currently reading and watching, and what we're most excited to get back to once this all blows over.

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Women Who Inspire: Dora Cuenca

I first met Dora at one of our events in our showroom. After chatting with her, I realized that she painted the amazing murals inside and outside of Freedom Apothecary, which are SO beautiful. We were so excited to visit her home and studio to learn more about her creative process and chat about how she manages being a mama of three and a successful artist. -Amy

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Benefits of Daily Sketching

We’d recently been reading more and more about the benefits of daily sketching when an artist named
 Kate Lewis began tagging us in posts about her morning drawings using our Hand-Dipped Marble Sketchbook. To learn more about daily sketching and its positive effects, we spoke with Kate about the changes she has seen since implementing her practice.

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Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

As Mercury is the planet that controls communication, technology and travel, during its retrograde it seems like the universe is against us in all of these aspects and more. This time can be an exhausting, frustrating mess, but we're working on the best ways to set our intentions and combat the universe’s bad fate—and we’re here to share our tips!

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