A couple months ago we debuted a brand new product to our lineup—OHTO pens and pencils. For a stationery company, offering these items kind of seems like a no brainer given that our cards, journals, and noteblocks would go unused if it weren’t for these tiny but mighty writing utensils. But, deciding to offer pens and pencils wasn’t the hard part—it was deciding on which brand best aligned with ours.

“I discovered the brand OHTO and totally fell in love with their incredible pens,” says our founder, Amy Voloshin. “They founded their company in Japan in 1929 with a focus on dyes and inks, and then in 1949 created the first ballpoint pen with a chrome ball. They even went on to produce the first rollerball pen!”

Innovation like that is pretty impressive, but their history wasn’t the only reason we had our eye on OHTO. “The quality is amazing,” she says. “They write so smoothly and the ink dries quickly.” Like their pens, OHTO’s pencils also passed the test. They’re easy to grip, slim enough for on-the-go journaling, and much sturdier than the cheap, plastic mechanical pencils many of us remember from school.

With ingenuity and reliability checked off, the last thing to look at was just that—look. “Until recently, pens were always something I took for granted,” says Amy. “Over the last few years, though, I've developed a love for beautiful writing instruments.” Boasting a sleek, sophisticated design that makes writing both comfortable and captivating, OHTO’s pens and pencils secured their final place in our hearts.

So, when you're ready for quality and longevity, ditch the lackluster pens and dime-a-dozen pencils and check out the OHTO collection here. They're the perfect "treat yourself" purchase for taking your journaling to the next level and also make a thoughtful gift for the writers in your life.

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