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How to Successfully Work From Home: Our 5 Best Tips

Now that we’ve been working from home for a year we finally feel like pros. We rounded up our best work from home tips to share in the Printfresh Mag. We’ll share ways to set boundaries when working from home and stay productive. These 5 tips will reinvigorate your workflow and have you tackling the entire to-do list in no time!
April 2021
How to Successfully Work From Home: Our 5 Best Tips
How to Successfully Work From Home: Our 5 Best Tips

Since we’re no longer commuting to the office (yay) we found it is helpful to have some transitions between work and being off the clock. We learned to set these boundaries around our work early on. We share our best work-from-home tips so you can too! 

Our top five tips for successfully working from home:

1. Set up your workspace 

Make your bed, clear clutter from last night, and set up in a place that is comfortable and well-lit. This will help you transition into the workday.  If your home doesn’t have a dedicated office space or an open desk, pick a counter or table in a well-lit area and try to get a comfortable chair. 

2. Put on your “uniform”

We all wear comfortable but slightly more “professional-looking” attire, even just from the waist up! Our founder Amy suggests spending an extra minute or two on your hairstyle. She says,  “I think that taking the time to style your hair is probably the most important thing in zoom meetings. It's sometimes hard to see people’s outfits and let's face it - we all know you're at home, so there’s no need to get fancy.”  In fact, some of us will dress up our Printfresh pajama button-down tops or throw a cute cardigan over a cami.

Christiane wears the <u><a href="" target="_blank">Flamenco Robe in Pale Blue</a></u>
Christiane wears the Flamenco Robe in Pale Blue

3. Work when you’re most productive 

Between kids, pets, and other distractions, it can be hard to sit down and focus for 8 or so hours straight. Try to structure your day so you can do your most important tasks when you’re most productive. If you work in the type of job where you have a lot of meetings and conference calls, try to schedule at least one or two call-free blocks a week for deep work so you can concentrate on your most important tasks.

4. Use your calendar to create space

If you need to help your kids get logged on to their virtual school or want to take some time in the afternoon for a walk or a stretch break, put it on your calendar. That way when scheduling meetings others can see that you aren’t available during times when you don’t want to be. 

5. Communicate proactively 

Your colleagues and family are not mind readers, so if you need help it’s okay to ask for it before you become overwhelmed. For example, ask your boss not to text you after 7 pm or ask your children not to interrupt you when you are on Zoom or taking an important phone call. This will help to ensure that you are protecting your boundaries and making time for both focused work and leisure time.  

While we may all be working or learning from home for the foreseeable future, we hope these tips will help set you up for continued success. Don’t forget to wind down at the end of a successful workday, try a gratitude practice, and change into a fresh pair of Printfresh pajamas.

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