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One of the best things about winter is that citrus of all varieties are in-season. There are a wealth of recipes using oranges for marmalades, breads and sweet desserts – but we appreciate oranges for their addition to more savory dishes as well. Once you start cooking with oranges, we think you’ll agree that the fresh, zesty flavor is a refreshing component to a variety of lunch and dinner recipes to make during the colder months.
While far-flung destinations may be out of the question for the foreseeable future, there’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to inspire and refresh you. If you could use a break from the day to day – read on for Amy’s must-see attractions for a socially distanced trip to Hudson Valley, NY.
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While it’s fair to criticize the consumerist nature of Valentine’s Day (or many other aspects of how it’s promoted!), we wholeheartedly embrace any opportunity to show love and care. Whether it’s for a partner, your children, your best friend, your parents or yourself - using this time of the year to express affection is a nice way to warm us all up during the cold months. To help you celebrate, our Founder, Amy, is sharing an easy Valentine’s Day DIY project and a sweet and simple cookie recipe that she’s planning on making with my family.
After so much time spent at home last year, we could all use a few creative ways to update our living space. While founder Amy and her husband Leo are painstakingly renovating their new (to them) home  – they are also planning smaller projects that will help to make their space feel inspiring and more like home. Whether you are ready to knock down walls or are looking for a budget friendly home update, DIY projects are our favorite way to make any room feel fresh and welcoming.  Read on for our top 6 home decor DIY projects to make this year.
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