Unicorn's Garden Padded Headband


Color: Indigo Only 3 Left in stock!

Color: Indigo

Only 3 Left in stock! Only 3 Left in stock!
  • Make a magical statement.
  • The love for a good headband is real, just like these mythical creatures.
  • Styles well with your sleepwear, because there’s no such thing as too many unicorns.
  • Patterned from your head to your toes with this summer-ready accessory./li>
  • Crafted with oh-so-soft cotton.
  • Life can get messy, spot clean when necessary.
  • Designed with a padded top to provide extra drama for any zoom meeting or lounge chair R&R.
  • The Pattern: Inspired by a Kashmiri papier-mâché jewelry box owned by her mother, our founder Amy drew on her love for Indian miniature art and ancient tapestries featuring a mille-fleur design to create the Unicorn’s Garden print. Combining our favorite elements of animals and plant life, the design brings together centuries of artistic depictions of the unicorn to create a modern, bohemian print with calming floral details and playful vibrant patterns.
  • The Collection: The origins of the unicorn are as mysterious as the creature itself, but that hasn’t stopped us from being fascinated with their mystical nature for centuries across continents and cultures. This collection pays homage to our favorite legend with luxury sleepwear that needs no introduction.