Stamped Leopard

Lively Lemons

Lush Limes


Tiger Queen

Camel's Courtyard

Unicorn's Garden

Daughters of Triton

Queen Lotus

Lion Tamarin

Royal Palms


Tropical Oasis

Pineapple Tree

PF x Lokal Jersey Devil

PF x Pencil & Paper Co.

Eat Your Asparagus

Papaya Paradise


Polka Dot

Orange Grove

Embroidered Unicorn

Saturday Tee

Antelope's Forest

Lush Limes

Lush Limes

With its tart flavor and bright color, limes are a favorite treat in countless cultures around the world. This collection of pajamas and robes were inspired by one of our favorite refreshments when traveling in India, a fresh lime soda on a hot afternoon. Stands along the streets feature carts with small limes perched atop a glass bottled filled with Kala namak (a type of salt), sugar and seltzer.