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Lively Lemons

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Tiger Queen

Camel's Courtyard

Unicorn's Garden

Daughters of Triton

Queen Lotus

Lion Tamarin

Royal Palms


Tropical Oasis

Pineapple Tree

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Eat Your Asparagus

Papaya Paradise


Polka Dot

Orange Grove

Embroidered Unicorn

Saturday Tee

Antelope's Forest

Candy Cane Stripe

Lion Tamarin

Lion Tamarin

The tamarin may be tiny, but her silky mane makes her monkey royalty. She sits in a kingdom of tropical leaves, lush enough to make even the best gardener green with envy. 

The Golden Lion Tamarin is one of the most threatened primates in the world, due in part to massive deforestation in Brazil. In an effort to help conservation efforts, we will be donating $5 from each set sold to in support of Associação Mico-Leão Dourado, a Brazilian nonprofit working on the ground in Rio de Janeiro.