High Ideas Smoking Journal

Journaling is a great way to express yourself, reduce your anxiety, and examine your thoughts and feelings at a deeper level—which is why it makes sense that many people find getting high and writing to complement each other so well.

With our Smoking Journal, we wanted to create a simple system specifically designed for high journaling. We believe that recording your thoughts will help enhance your high, allowing you to further embrace the creativity and inspiration that happens when you disconnect and allow your mind freedom to roam.

Each journal has enough pages for 60 smoke sessions, with dedicated space for recording thoughts and ideas and/or doodling, drawing or diagramming.

We recommend that you also use this journal as a way to track your reaction to different varieties and types of marijuana. No two strains are totally alike, and you may be surprised to discover how different your experience is based on the grower/dispensary and the form you're taking. Whether you're trying an indica or a sativa, or a vape vs. an edible, you can use this journal to start narrowing down your favorites!

Once you've eased into your high, start really thinking about how the experience is making you feel. How would you describe your mood? Are you experiencing a body high, feeling so relaxed it's almost as if your mind and body are two separate entities? Or are you feeling inquisitive and creative, noticing amazing intricacies and little miracles that you'd normally miss? Do you feel anxious? Are you suddenly hungry? Take note!

As your experience continues, start recording more of your ideas and thoughts as they come to you. The mind works in mysterious ways, especially when under the influence. Once your high has faded, you'll be surprised to see some of the amazing, hilarious and even genius ideas you've recorded.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, head over to our blog here for a few silly, serious and in-between journaling prompts to help get your writing juices flowing.


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