Founders Amy and Leo Voloshin are deeply committed to creating business and opportunity in Philadelphia’s inner city. Upon becoming parents they became increasingly aware of the lack of supplies and funding for schools and educational programs in their community. As a company, Printfresh is committed to making sure public schools get the programming, paper and art supplies needed to foster creativity in youth.

How we give back:

• Supplying art supplies to local schools
• Purchasing the paper for local schools for the year
• Blog features and interviews on local organizations
• Highlighting organizations on social media to increase awareness, sharing their stories on Instagram, Facebook and our blog
• Participating in speaking events and career fairs to share information about design careers and entrepreneurship
• Donating 5% of online sales each quarter to an organization supporting inner city education or arts

Our Philadelphia partners are:

• Inner Strength Foundation
• Portside 
• Art Sphere Inc
• Alexander Adaire School
• John Moffet Elementary School

    Where We Design + Manufacture

    All of our products are designed in Philadelphia, PA. Amy leads our small design team, and each development cycle is filled with concepting and gathering inspiration, picking out unique materials, developing color palettes, creating original print artwork for covers and interiors, making prototypes, and putting together detailed instructions about how each product should be made.

    We manufacture our products in India and China, partnering with socially and environmentally conscious vendors who do beautiful, hand-crafted work. Most of our styles are produced in the Delhi area of India - a large manufacturing hub. This area is known for a long history of bookmaking, and artisans are especially skilled with fabric and textile-oriented stationery which is our focus.

    Our Core Values

    Core Values are the ideas and beliefs that guide all of a company's actions. Our core values are incredibly close to our hearts, and ideas that all of our team members share. These values include: 

    • Community focused
    • No Jerks!
    • Communication
    • Work Ethic
    • Goes Above & Beyond