Ask anyone -  Amy always says that you should keep a notebook on hand.  A notebook is the ultimate office accessory, and the best place to stash your creative ideas when you are out on a stroll or at the coffee shop. Amy Voloshin created Printfresh stationery to fulfill her desire for a beautiful bohemian notebook. When she was unable to find one that fit in alongside the global patterns that she loves to wear and surround herself with, she decided to create a product line that mixes her textile design studio’s patterns and the antique textiles she picks up in her travels. The result is Printfresh- a stylish stationery line.  Launching in Winter of 2016 with Gift Wrapping and a Holiday card, the line will grow rapidly in the coming months leading up to the full debut at the National Stationery Show in May 2017.

In 2017, Amy launched Voloshin, a fashion line that reflects Amy's personal aesthetic and desire for comfort and subtle luxury. Worn by those who seek to live a meaningful and fulfilled life but are not afraid to make a statement. You can find out more about Voloshin on our website -