I’ve been journaling for a long time. It may feel like a daunting task at first, but getting into the habit of regularly jotting down your thoughts can be seriously beneficial. What you write doesn’t have to be particularly profound - though, that may come later! Try setting aside a few minutes in the morning - maybe during your (first) cup of coffee - or as you’re unwinding at the day’s end. I think you’ll find that routine journaling will make you feel lighter and brighter.

There really are so many benefits of keeping a journal, and I’m definitely not the first to reflect on this. But today I wanted to share my top three favorite reasons - and why I keep reaching for mine, day after day.


Have you ever stumbled on your childhood diary? If you have, then you know both the hilarious and heartbreaking memories you’ll probably find buried in the pages. Keeping a journal preserves these moments, transporting you right back to that exact point in time. I love recording what’s going on in my life - whether it’s a casual recap of my weekend or more-serious reflections about my goals and dreams - so I can be sure I’ll remember those little details five, ten, or even twenty years from now. Reading over old entries also helps me trace our shifting world (like, how did we exist before cell phones?!), and more specifically, shows me how I’ve changed and grown. 


Journaling helps me practice self-awareness, which is widely considered an important key to being successful, and clarifies my thinking. There’s something about physically writing something down that really puts things into perspective for me. While talking to my husband and close friends is invaluable, journaling provides a special space to explore my inner-workings, without having to always make perfect sense. Recording and monitoring my thoughts, needs, and feelings is really helpful for understanding myself a bit better, and that brings me closer to something I think many people strive for: self-improvement.


A journal can hold other things besides your deepest secrets! For the more artistically-inclined, it’s the perfect place to sketch an idea you just can’t shake - I carry mine everywhere so I’m ready whenever creativity strikes. It’s where I try out concepts floating around my head, and parse out what’s working and what’s just not. Some pages are filled with endless doodles, while others have scribbled notes on a recent DIY project, or a favorite quote I want to remember. It doesn’t matter what you do to fill the pages - just enjoy the process of putting pen to paper.

If you’re ready to get started with journaling, your first step (and maybe the most fun!) is to pick up a fresh, new notebook. Head over here to check out all of the newest arrivals, and let me know in the comments which design is your fave!

- Amy

P.S. Stay tuned for weekly journaling prompts for creative writing ideas to fill your new notebooks and journals!

Gift Wrapping - Preppy Bride Edition

There are so many different styles of Brides out there we did not want to limit our Gift Wrapping - Bridal Edition to one style. Since so many of you enjoyed our Gift Wrapping -Bohemian Bride Edition, we wanted to share with you our gift wrapping for all of the lovely Preppy Brides out there!  
For these gifts we wrapped them using our layering technique, just limited the extra bells and whistles. The Preppy Bride loves soft colors, a little shimmer and, of course, flowers! With that being said, we wanted to encompass all of those attributes with these two lovely wrappings. 
We are always fans of pattern on pattern, so we finished our Foreign Bazaar Gift Wrap Sheet with a softly patterned silk ribbon. We then added a layer of vintage lace with gold tissue paper underneath to give a little extra shimmer. We added our gold foiled tags to finish it of.
For this gift we used our Blush Triangle Gift Wrap Sheet with two layered elements. We utilized the gold tissue paper for that extra shimmer  that every present needs, and softened it with our patterned silk ribbon. Next, we scavenged around our studio and found a beautifully illustrated flower. We sometimes like to find other items or illustrations around our studio to use in lieu of tags or cards- we think it adds a little extra charm to our gifts. 
We hope you enjoyed our versions of Bridal gift wrapping, happy wedding season!

Gift Wrapping - Bohemian Bride Edition

There is something special about having a beautifully wrapped gift handed to you. It makes you want to cherish the gift a little bit more due the time and creativity put into it. For our 'Gift Wrapping - Bohemian Bride Edition' we scavenged around our studio finding the most precious trimmings to wrap our Bridal gifts in. We used brass sequins, vintage lace trimmings and some gorgeous feathers for our Bohemian Bride wrapping.
Wrapping your present with a lace belly band, sequins and feathers is always a good idea. We use our layering technique to make sure this present popped with brass, white and blue accents. 
Our Phases of the Moon Gift Wrap was utilized in two forms... paper and printed Chiffon fabric for a more tactile finish!
Lastly, we had a few scraps of vintage lace and Kraft paper laying around, so we made this little piece for an additional wrapping style! If your boho babe is strictly monotone, she may enjoy receiving this gift wrapping!
Happy Wedding Season!

"Will you be my Bridesmaid?" Gift Guide

We all know how hard it is putting together the perfect "Will you be my Bridesmaid?" gift package... well I happen to have the perfect solution for all of you Brides out there!
Thanks to the wonderful stores that we will be available in come September, I decided to pay it back and feature some fun items from their online stores for our gift guides. 


1) Make sure your Bridesmaids are ready for your Bachelorette Vacay with Edge of Urge 3D Zip Set in Pastel

2) Make sure that everyone knows who your bride tribe is with these Edge of Urge 'Ladies' Enamel Pin

3) Your ladies will be able to elegantly put their hair up with Edge of Urge Camping Hair Pin

4) Use this Edge of Urge Sacred Sage Smudge to help keep the surrounding vibes positive 

5) Every bridesmaid will need to relax leading up to the big day, so this Urbanic Gold Tin Candle will do just that

6) Let all of your bridesmaids plans for the Bachelorette be written down in our fun Mini Velvet 'Spellbook' Journal coming soon to Tweak!

7) And for the big day, give all of your girls a personal Hand-Stamped Cuff from Edge of Urge


1. Jazz up your BFF's wrists with Good Karma-Message Bangle from Tweak 

2. Tell your bridesmaid how thankful and appreciative you are of them with Urbanic's Colorful Thank You Card Set

3. Let all of your bridesmaid plans for the Bachelorette be written down in our fun Medium 'Magic' Velvet Journal coming soon to Tweak

4. Be sure to get each of your Bridesmaids this personalized 'Pick Up Stix' tumbler from Ivy + Anchor for the Bachelorette party!

5. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life, and these Heart Shaped Wand Sparklers from Tweak are perfect for a good photo op!

6. Every bridesmaid will need to relax leading up to the big day, so this Urbanic Gold Tin Candle will do just that

Summer DIY - Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Amplify your smartphone sound with outdoor speakers made from simple household items We decided to amp up the classic speaker DIY with a little pizzazz from our Elephant's Garden & Foreign Bazaar wrapping sheets!

All you need is an empty paper towel tube and two paper cups, and you’ll be jamming out to your favorite tunes in no time. This DIY craft is easy to make, costs next to nothing, and, best of all, truly works!


To make them, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 empty paper towel roll
  • 2 paper cups (the bigger the cup, the bigger the sound)
  • Markers or pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Sharp scissors
  • Double stick tape
  • Printfresh Foreign Bazaar & Elephant's Garden Wrapping Sheets

Once you have gathered your supplies you are ready to roll. Start by cutting down your paper towel roll (optional) to the length desired. Then hold cups up to one end of the speaker and trace the size of hole you will need to cut out of the cup. Cut along the circle you just traced out and adjust size of circle to fit paper towel circumference if needed.

Now that you have your measured circles cut out, you can start to cover and decorate your speaker! This is the fun part and is totally up to you to design how you want your speaker to look. We decided to cover ours in our wrapping sheets for the office.

Once your speaker is decorated you can now start to assemble. Fit in your paper roll into the pre-cut circles in your two cups. Secure with tape underneath if needed.

Lastly, pick your favorite playlist and enjoy your DIY outdoor speaker by the pool or barbecue!


Let us know what event you use your speaker for!