Advocate Spotlight: Carole Davis

Advocate Spotlight: Carole Davis Carole has led such a fascinating life and career, and has accomplished so much in both her feminist and non-human animal activism work. I hope you enjoy learning about her story as much as I did! - Christiane, Printfresh Designer

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DIY: Sunrise Embroidery

"Embroidering has been a great hobby for me over the last few months. It’s fun to create something tactile, easy to do while hanging out with family, and an excellent way to keep your hands busy without involving your phone!" - Amy Voloshin

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Women Who Inspire: Alicia Goodwin

I first met Alicia at a tradeshow called Capsule
 in Los Angeles. I fell in love with her jewelry right away and we got to talking. We ended up trading pieces, staying in touch, and meeting up at tradeshows over the years. Check out our interview with Alicia for her self-care tips and be sure to check out her amazing jewelry designs. - Amy Voloshin

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