Women Who Inspire: Dora Cuenca

I first met Dora at one of our events in our showroom. After chatting with her, I realized that she painted the amazing murals inside and outside of Freedom Apothecary, which are SO beautiful. We were so excited to visit her home and studio to learn more about her creative process and chat about how she manages being a mama of three and a successful artist. -Amy

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Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

As Mercury is the planet that controls communication, technology and travel, during its retrograde it seems like the universe is against us in all of these aspects and more. This time can be an exhausting, frustrating mess, but we're working on the best ways to set our intentions and combat the universe’s bad fate—and we’re here to share our tips!

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Benefits of Daily Sketching

We’d recently been reading more and more about the benefits of daily sketching when an artist named
 Kate Lewis began tagging us in posts about her morning drawings using our Hand-Dipped Marble Sketchbook. To learn more about daily sketching and its positive effects, we spoke with Kate about the changes she has seen since implementing her practice.

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