Inclusive sizes from XS to 6X

Organic cotton, ethically created

Inclusive sizes from XS to 6X

Organic cotton, ethically created

Birds of a Feather

New and fan-favorite prints on fresh apparel for fall. Take the patterns you love to every event.


Step To It

Make the coziest accessory yours for fall.

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Sincerely, Amy: A Stylish September & School Year

As the leaves turn and the air gets crisp, there's much to anticipate. From reviving our fall favorites in the closet to the awaited return of Printfresh's beloved patterns, this season promises warmth in every sense. Amidst trade shows and family adventures, there’s always time for a touch of cozy fashion. Explore Printfresh Founder's Amy Voloshin's autumnal appreciation in this month's Sincerely Amy. 


How to Wash Cotton Pajamas + DIY Detergent

Have laundry questions for your Printfresh pajamas or anything else? We’ve rounded up all of our best laundry advice here for you, starting with how to care for your cotton pajamas. 

Behind the Print: Halloween House Cats

In the magical season of autumn, where pumpkins and spiced lattes reign, a new trend emerges for those enchanted by the feline charm: Halloween House Cats pajamas. Last year, our Pumpkin Patch print stole your hearts, paving the way for this year's whimsical Halloween-inspired twist. Envision mischievous cats donning ghost costumes, witches' hats, and more, parading the streets on All Hallows' Eve. Melding the fun essence of Halloween with the comfort of your favorite pajamas, our latest design promises both chuckles and snuggles. Dive into the tale behind our enchanting print with Printfresh Founder Amy Voloshin. 


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