Women Who Inspire: Bon Horn

Bon and I have been in similar circles for a while. I always wondered who that gorgeous woman was with the infectious laugh and pretty red lipstick on at our kids' school dropoff each morning. She reached out to borrow some clothing for a photoshoot a while back and around the same time opened what I think is one of the most beautiful stores in Philadelphia (if not the East Coast!). We got to know each other a little better recently and I want to share with you her inspiring approach to self-care, beauty and wellness.

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Meet the Team: Fall Favorites

Fall is a favorite season of ours here at Printfresh, and with all our astrology and occult-inspired products, it should come as no surprise that we *love* Halloween. In our latest iteration of our Meet the Team blog series, we’re sharing our favorite fall activities, Halloween candy, and more.

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Guide to Self

Two of our favorite personality systems are the zodiac signs and the Enneagram types, and once we found out there was a correlation between the two, we knew we had to investigate further. So, we did a little research and determined what we believe to be the corresponding zodiac-Enneagram types. Check them out below to see if your type and sign coincide to get some tips on how you can enjoy the fall season the most.

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