How We Designed Flamenco + Coloring Pages

We're here with another behind-the-scenes look at our design process, detailing how we created our Flamenco print. Keep reading to learn more about how this pattern was made, or jump ahead to our free printable Flamenco Coloring Pages.

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Monkey Business: Design + Coloring Pages

We're back with another behind-the-scenes look at how we created our Monkey Business print. Keep reading to learn more about our design process, as well as free printable coloring pages featuring our Monkey Business pattern.

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DIY: Mermaid Mask + Coloring Pages

We're getting creative with our Lily Mermaid print! Keep reading to learn how you can use the fabric bag that our pajamas are packed in to sew your own face mask, and download our free printable mermaid coloring pages.

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