Stamped Leopard

Lemon Zest

Lush Limes


Tiger Queen

Camel's Courtyard

Unicorn's Garden

Daughters of Triton

Queen Lotus

Lion Tamarin

Royal Palms


Tropical Oasis

Pineapple Tree

Jersey Devil

PF x Pencil & Paper Co.

Eat Your Asparagus

Papaya Paradise


Polka Dot

Orange Grove

Embroidered Unicorn

Saturday Tee

Antelope's Forest

Candy Cane Stripe

Stamped Floral

Waffles in Bed


Queen of Hearts

Painted Stripe

Good Dog

Strawberry Fields

Fruit Medley

Hydrangea Hideaway


Herb Garden


Embroidered Shells

Fruits de Mer

Guinea Hens

PF x Pencil and Paper

Meowing Mermaids

Flock of Flamingos

Red Delicious

High Horse


Pumpkin Patch

Cypress Leaf

Reversible Weekend Stripes

Reversible Flower Stand


In Bloom

Fox & Folklore

Deck The Halls

Must Love Dogs

Twinkling Trees

Pretty in Poinsettia

Snoozing Sloths

Queen of Hearts

PF x The Mom Edit

Celestial Skies

What's Your Sign

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

We're thrilled to offer two gift wrapping options - our limited edition Unicorn's Garden holiday gift box and our signature blush Bagheera gift bag. 

Our gift boxes can hold up to 3 items.  If you purchase more than one gift wrapping option then your items will not be wrapped, instead the gift wrapping will be sent with your order.   

Unicorns Garden - Handmade Gift Box - Printfresh
Unicorns Garden - Handmade Gift Box - Printfresh
Unicorns Garden Gift Wrap
Handmade Gift Box
Bagheera - Gift Packaging- Violet - Printfresh
Bagheera - Gift Packaging- Violet - Printfresh
Bagheera Holiday Gift Wrap
Gift Packaging- Violet