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Are Professional Organizers Worth the Investment?

There’s nothing more peaceful than being in a clean and organized space. However, we know that's something easier said than done. Our Founder, Amy, has worked with several professional organizers over years and has become a big believer in getting outside help when tackling the clutter. 

By Lauren Moreno
January 2021
Are Professional Organizers Worth the Investment?
Are Professional Organizers Worth the Investment?

"We’ve had long term organizers that have helped us over the years at our office and home. It’s far more affordable than you’d think and can really help set up better systems to waste less, buy less, avoid tension with your partner and live more efficiently. NAPO is the resource I’ve used to find great organizers. It’s helpful to develop a relationship with someone who can help you a few times a year to adjust to your changing needs and if systems don’t work for you - find ones that do." – Amy

We sat down with one of Amy’s organizers, Kathleen Edelstein of Magically Organized to discuss professional organizing and to better understand the connection between organization and overall well being.


What are the three biggest reasons someone should invest in a professional organizer?



Like a trainer at the gym, you have that person holding you accountable when you’re working out. Knowing that someone is going to be there to give the most effective advice to help you accomplish your goal is what a professional organizer provides. A professional organizer will help you maintain your goals in the most succinct and effective way possible in the quickest amount of time. 


A lot of people have what I call a “where are my keys?” syndrome - everyday they say, “Where are my keys? Did you see my cell phone? Did I have my glasses over here?” So it’s a real time saver to give everything a home. It’s good to keep in mind that you will be investing a lot of time when you first start working with an organizer (possibly taking time off from work, away from family, etc.) which is an investment, but in the long run, this will give you the foundation to have a more functional household with less time spent digging through things or searching aimlessly for everyday items. 


Many of my clients didn’t realize how much the stuff was affecting them until it was gone. They don’t realize that by having that clutter around them, it’s almost like it’s teasing or poking at you going “Hey, you didn’t take care of me yet.” So having all of the clutter removed and clean, makes a big difference.


Do you have any suggestions for upkeep of a space once it has been professionally organized?


Different things work for different people. Some people will set a reminder on their phone or Alexa for 9am everyday to keep that accountability. The most important thing is that each item has a home. If you have a pile of mail and can’t get to it in that instant, make sure it’s in its home, and then commit to looking at it by the end of the day (set that alarm!).


1. Keep a bag or box at the bottom of your closet, labeled “trash” or “donate.”

2. Once a day or week, add something to the bag or box that you can let go of.

3. Sign up for a donation pick-up with an organization like Purple Heart or Habitat for Humanity.

4. Have a trusted family member or friend to hold you accountable, ask them to occasionally ask about what you’ve donated. 

5. Set boundaries with gift giving - mention an experience as a gift rather than material items.

“It’s really just about what everybody’s mom always told them - if you clean and put away as you go, it’s not going to get out of control.”


Do you have any must-have organization items for a closet or bedroom?


I always tell my clients, purge before purchasing! Don’t purchase any organizing items until you start purging. Once it’s cleaned out, you’ll find empty baskets or plastic bins to reuse. Not only are you going to find those empty containers that you’d like to use, but you’re going to have less stuff so you’re not going to need as many containers as you might think. The Container Store is a great store for very specific things - tie hangers, hat boxes, or large zip bags to store items under the bed. If you don’t have much time and you have the money, that’s definitely the place to go. Use resources like Pinterest and Google to find creative ways to reuse items you already have. For instance, using egg crates to separate earrings.


Favorite way to organize pajamas in a closet?


By weight: if you’re in the winter, hang your thicker PJ sets in the front of your closet and the lighter PJ sets in the back.

By favorites: the ones you always go to grab first. Think about your favorite pajama sets - whether it’s because they’re cozy, soft, pretty, or feminine. 

Hang your best pajamas rather than storing them in a drawer, especially if you have pajamas that may be silky or high-end. If they’re a set, hang the set together on the hanger rather than apart, making it easy for you to grab.

Once you’ve committed to organizing, and have purged, we’ll be here to reward your hard work with a luxurious set of Printfresh pajamas!

Kathleen Edelstein is a Certified Professional Organizer®, Life Transitions Specialist, and a member of NAPO’s Golden Circle. Her Magically Organized website is a great place to help you jump start your organizing project. You can also find her on Facebook where she posts daily tips and newsletters!

Illustration Credited Lauren Schouten. You can find her work here

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