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Behind the Print: Candy Cane

Candy canes have been a part of holiday traditions since the 1600s. For many, this symbol of the holiday season brings back cheerful memories, helping to capture the essence of the holiday spirit. This is the inspiration behind our newest print, Candy Cane Stripe. This striped pattern was designed to bring your wardrobe a little sartorial flair and put a smile on your face. Learn the story behind our latest print.

By Printfresh Staff
October 2021
Behind the Print: Candy Cane
Behind the Print: Candy Cane

With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to create a print to fit the vibe but that would also make sense to be worn any time you desire. To learn more about this fun and festive print we asked Printfresh founder Amy to answer a few questions about her inspiration.


What do you find inspiring or interesting about candy cane prints?


I always love designing stripes, I find it to be so methodical. We don’t design geometric patterns very often, but I was so inspired by the look of candy canes that I couldn’t resist adding this fun nod to a holiday favorite to our collection.


When most people think of classic candy canes, they might picture red and white, how do the pink and green fit in?


Today if you go to the store you will see candy canes in almost every color including greens, pinks, and reds. While red and white might be the most traditional, at Printfresh we like to add some creativity to everything we do. We thought the combination of pink, red, and dark and light green was a fun color grouping to introduce into our stripe. Adding the pale green and pink also makes these pajamas feel more appropriate outside of the holidays.


Are you a personal fan of candy canes?


No, not really. I love the way candy canes look and always admire them in the shops, but I’m not big on eating them. I do love chocolate bark with little flakes of candy cane on top!

Candy Cane Stripe, featured on Long Sleep Sets and Tufted Slippers
Candy Cane Stripe, featured on Long Sleep Sets and Tufted Slippers

Shopping the Collection

Since this style was loosely influenced by classic tailoring, we wanted to make sure there was something in this collection for anyone who wanted to wear it. We’re offering both long and short sleep sets so no matter what you prefer to sleep in, there is something for everyone. 

If you like this print and you want to complete the look, we’ve recently introduced our first collection of handcrafted, tufted slippers that coordinate perfectly!

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Giving Candy Cane at the holidays

Although our pajamas (including this print) are designed to be worn in all seasons, we know many of you will be giving these pajamas as holiday gifts. If you want to add some festive, or edible candy cane delights to your package may we suggest:

1. Homemade peppermint bark

Amy loves peppermint bark and it makes such a wonderful gift at the holidays. You can even make it yourself. Give it in (clean) recycled tins or in a glass jar that you’ve decorated with candy canes, sprigs of greenery, or some winter florals. 

2. Hammond’s Cherry Candy Cane filled with chocolate

This beautiful gourmet delight combines the classic flavors of chocolate and cherries in a beautiful candy cane. Tie one of these through the ribbon on your box or bag when giving our pajamas for a fun and festive treat. Prefer peppermint? Hammond’s has a selection of more traditional flavors too.  

3. Candy cane scented beeswax candle

To make their space smell more festive,  they can enjoy the scent of candy cane in an environmentally friendly beeswax candle

How will you style or give Candy Cane pajamas? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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