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Behind the Print: Hydrangea Hideaway

Hydrangeas are one of my all time favorite flowers. Their big blooms and romantic hues are so beautiful. We have a lot of different shades and varieties at our place by the shore, and they inspired this print. We added some frogs, and birds to add even more whimsy! 
By Amy Voloshin
May 2022
Behind the Print: Hydrangea Hideaway
Behind the Print: Hydrangea Hideaway

I was doubly excited when we traveled to Nantucket last summer to see even more hydrangeas there (like the biggest concentration of hydrangeas ever!). The rows of them along fences create  beautiful natural borders that are so pretty, I can’t wait to wear them this Spring and Summer. 

While this print is inspired by the more local flowers that grow in Northeast coastal towns, we wanted to incorporate a few critters that speak to both cool and warm weather climates. The frogs are sweet little tree frogs, and the ringneck parrots are a nod to India, a place that has helped inspire so many of our collections. I’ve loved watching these parrots flutter from branch to branch in Delhi, and some of the employees at our favorite hotel in Jaipur (Jobner Bagh) were nursing one back to health during our last visit. We hope you connect to this print just as much as we do!

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