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Behind The Print: Lovebirds

There is so much inspiration to be found among our feathered friends, we just knew we had to feature them more prominently in a new pajama print. As we started to think about the season of love (as well as our love of prints), we focused our attention on one bird that seemed especially fitting – the Lovebird. 
By Printfresh Staff
January 2022
Behind The Print: Lovebirds
Behind The Print: Lovebirds

Our newest pajama print by the same name features a pair of Lovebirds embracing among fanciful and fun flowers as a symbol of love and partnership of all kinds. Fly along with us as we explore the Lovebirds print a little bit deeper.

"This print is perfect for bird lovers and admirers. We haven’t done a lot of bird prints yet - although we do have some more in the works! I can’t help but think of the ‘put a bird on it’ Portlandia skit everytime we discuss birds for our design process.”
– Amy Voloshin, founder

Why the lovebird?

There are so many beautiful birds we could have chosen to feature in a print about love and partnership, but we had a personal connection to one lovebird, Zerbi, that we just couldn’t ignore. Zerbi is the lovable pet of someone on the Printfresh team. Zerbi enjoyed dropping in on company Zoom meetings, and the entire team grew to love seeing the vibrant flash of green on screen. 

Appropriately named, lovebirds are known for their loving, attentive and curious personalities. They form strong connections with their partner –  they mate for life, are known to feed one another and will show signs of distress if they are separated from their partner. As we learned more about the lovebird, we knew they would perfectly symbolize our celebration of all things love, partnership, and self-care.

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Fanciful Flowers

Pink and red flowers complement our bright green lovebirds and bring out the vibrant blush of their cheeks, while soft greenery provides a well coordinated backdrop to the star of the show –  those bright green feathers we so adore.

Behind The Print: Lovebirds
Behind The Print: Lovebirds

A New Silhouette

Speaking of love, we know how much you love the cami nightgown, so we’re excited to introduce a new nightgown style to add to your sleepwear mix. Inspired by the pintucks often found on vintage clothing, this silhouette features sleeves, pintucks and a ruffled hem. This flirty style fits the whimsical vibe of the Lovebirds print, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

In addition to the nightgown, Lovebirds is also available in your favorite long and short sleep sets, long robe and our cami style top.

Have you ordered your Lovebirds pajamas? Celebrate the love of prints by tagging us @printfresh on Instagram.

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