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Best Sustainable Wedding Party Gift Ideas

When you’re planning a wedding, you enlist a lot of help from those you ask to be in your wedding party. It’s lovely to want to thank them for their support and participation in your big day, but you want to choose gifts that won’t go in the trash after the wedding! Printfresh founder Amy shares some of her best suggestions for sustainable gifts.
By Lauren Moreno
July 2021
Best Sustainable Wedding Party Gift Ideas
Best Sustainable Wedding Party Gift Ideas

If you’re choosing wedding party gifts, you know it can be hard to pick something that will suit everyone’s tastes. I think a small token of your appreciation or something that you can all enjoy during the wedding can be fun. I also think that something that is consumable like candles, food, tea, and wine are all wonderful since they can be used up or eaten and don’t create any clutter! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite wedding party gifts that will hopefully inspire you to pick the perfect token.

Unique Gift Ideas any Bridal Party will Love

1. Printfresh pajamas and robes

I’d be remiss not to start with our amazing pajamas and robes. They can be worn when getting ready and doing hair and makeup on the big day. Our button-down pajama tops mean you don’t have to take them off over your head and risk ruining hair or makeup. They fit a variety of sizes (we carry XXS-6X in most items), include options for men and create a very cute photo opt.
Choose a pattern that goes with the season. For summer, we suggest our Lime Zest short sleep set or our new Daughters of Triton Short Robe. For fall, you may want try the popular Unicorn’s Garden print. Or, you could choose a style that coordinates with your wedding theme. I’d love to see some of our more tropical inspired prints for a destination wedding party. (Hint: if you do go this route, don’t forget to take a picture of the whole bridal party and share it with us)! 

2. Monogrammed travel jewelry boxes

Travel jewelry boxes are so cute and I love feeling more organized when I travel. these boxes (found on Etsy) are adorable and practical. They can be customized with each bridal party member’s favorite colors or even the colors of the wedding. Another option to avoid shipping is to check for something similar at a local (to you or your wedding location) boutique. 

3. DIY beauty box 

If you like (and have time) to do some DIY, I suggest putting together a box or travel bag of beauty products. These might be things that come in handy when doing wedding hair and makeup or even after the wedding. A great makeup remover and some soothing moisturizer will feel amazing after staying photo-ready all day. I personally love the products from Freedom Apothecary.

4. Reusable glass coffee cup with a gift card

Another cute gift that will be practical after the wedding is a reusable coffee cup with a gift card. If you are giving these out at the wedding, one thoughtful idea is to include a gift card to a coffee shop close by. This way your bridal party can grab a refreshing beverage before the wedding festivities.  

5. Lemon tree 

This lemon tree from Seeds Of Life can be shipped to your bridesmaids after the wedding as a thank you for being a part of it. Since it can be potted or planted it does not produce waste (but may produce some delicious fruit). For an additional fee, it can be sent with a personalized and engraved tag! 

6. Peg & Awl Saver Pouch

This gender-neutral pouch might be just the right token for those in your bridal party who want something practical. It comes in eight colors and can be monogrammed for an additional fee. To avoid over-packaging, you can even stuff a few little treats inside to avoid additional gift wrap or packaging.

How to Give Sustainable Wedding Party Gifts

1. Avoid over-packaging 

While wrapping paper and bows can be pretty, they can also produce a lot of trash once your bridal party has opened their gifts. Consider recyclable packaging or keep things simple with a nice ribbon. 

2. Try not to ship too many boxes 

If you are shipping multiple boxes from multiple cities this can make your carbon footprint significantly larger. Consider shopping locally to save on shipping and packaging where you can. 

3. Purchase things you can use during (or after the wedding)

Most of our gift suggestions are things that can be used before, during, or after the ceremony but have a life beyond the big day. We hope whatever you choose your bridesmaids will cherish long after the wedding has taken place. 

Have you ever been given a really special or sustainable wedding party gift? Tell us all about it in the comments below. 

Photos Credits: Etsy, Freedom Apothecary, Wild Minimalist, Seeds of Life, & Peg & Awl


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