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Cocktails and Pj Pairings

Warm weather calls for creative cocktails crafted to entice the senses and excite the palate. Whether you’re a pro at shaking and stirring, or a novice mixologist who’s in the mood to learn, I’ve rounded up a few recipes you can make with fresh ingredients grown straight from the garden! What’s even better? These beverages pair perfectly with our pj prints. An iconic duo? I think yes.
By Amy Voloshin
June 2022
Cocktails and Pj Pairings
Cocktails and Pj Pairings

The Print: Herb Garden 
The Cocktail: Rosemary Gin Fizz 
There’s something about rosemary that can make for the perfect addition to any food or drink. I grow a variety of different rosemary types in my garden, including a special one that is legendary for skewers on the grill! This gin fizz concoction is ideal for summer with its refreshing quality and herb simple syrup. Pair this delight with our Herb Garden print for a fresh-from-the-garden look that’s made for warm weather living. 

The Print: Beekeeper
The Cocktail: Bee’s Knees 
The Bee’s Knees cocktail just screams summertime to me! I love anything with lemon and honey so this definitely hits the mark. With incredible flavor and a quick and easy set of steps, this beverage is amazing for sunset soirees when you want to put together something simple, but still catch a buzz (get it?). Our fan-favorite Beekeeper print has become beloved for a reason and this cocktail is the perfect complement for a true queen of the hive style. 

The Print: Hydrangea Hideaway
The Cocktail: Lavender Citrus Martini 
I finally invested in some martini glasses for when my friends and I have the amazing mezcal cosmos I’ve become a pro at perfecting. New to my repertoire is this lavender citrus martini! Couple this cocktail with the pale purple hues in our Hydrangea Hideaway for a relaxing escape that feels equal parts refreshing and decadent. 

The Print: Lemon Zest
The Cocktail: Frozen Lemon Daiquiris
Although I don’t use my ice cream maker for making homemade ice cream very often, I do love to break it out when a batch of slushy cocktails is in order for a hot day! This lemon daiquiri is going to be my go-to this summer, the mix of sweet and sour flavors is just what the taste buds crave when you want something frozen, but still want to feel like a grown-up. Whether you’re poolside or shoreside, sport your Lemon Zest sleepwear and blend up this delicious daiquiri! 

Mixing up one of these creative cocktails in your Printfresh? Please, send pics! 

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