8 Best Travel Tips for Cold Destinations

While I’m a beach lover at heart, I have also always enjoyed skiing and snowboarding and can’t wait to get back into it now that my kids are getting older. When it comes to packing for a trip on the slopes or really anywhere during the winter months – there can be a lot of stuff that you have to wrangle. If you’ve got a wintery vacation on the horizon – take a look at my best tips for cold weather travel and keep your packing list as chill(y) as your destination.
By Printfresh Staff
November 2021
8 Best Travel Tips for Cold Destinations
8 Best Travel Tips for Cold Destinations

When it comes to cold-weather travel, I like to be prepared. This way, I can be comfortable (emphasis on staying warm and dry) and still look and feel like I am maintaining my personal sense of style. This preparation allows me to be fully present, enjoy my time at my destination and focus on other things – like getting back on a snowboard. Here are 10 of the best travel tips for cold weather destinations that I’ve learned over the years.

1. Make it all about the layers 

To save room in your suitcase, wear or bring your bulkiest jacket or outer layer on the plane (or train) with you. If you are driving to your destination, sticking to a smaller suitcase might be less of a concern. Layering up also comes in handy as you explore or participate in winter sports like skiing, hiking, or ice skating. You can add or remove layers when you get too hot or if you spend time indoors like at a museum or shopping area. 

2. Stick with one main color palette

This doesn’t mean your clothes have to be boring! If you can mix and match everything you’ll be able to recycle your items throughout your trip into new outfits. I love using the Cladwell App for creating multiple looks out of a smaller set of clothes! 

3. Pick pieces that can do double duty

Try to find things like a coat with a removable lining or a long-sleeved t-shirt you can wear underneath a sweater as a base layer or on its own with pajama pants. This will help you save space in your suitcase and make sure you’re warm enough throughout your trip.

4. Embrace wool and other natural fibers 

I’m in love with the Honeypie Boyfriend Cardigan for its bright colors and (mostly) cotton fibers. When the family and I head to upstate New York, I’m also looking forward to wearing my Tory Burch down jacket and the Cecelia Car Coat made of quilted cotton to keep me warm and cozy. 

5. Pack some cozy pieces for your downtime

At Printfresh, we recently released a collection of flannel pajama sets in one of our most popular prints, Bagheera. These also make great pieces to add to your cold-weather travel suitcase.

6. Take along some laundry detergent

Base layers can get pretty sweaty if you’re on the slopes all day, but if you can wash them out in the sink (or the washing machine of your Airbnb) and hang them to dry, you can cut down on the number of pieces you have to pack.

7. Invest in the right footwear

There is nothing worse than cold feet... except for maybe cold and wet feet. To stay extra cozy, I make sure to pack a shoe with a really thick sole. I also bring a pair or two of wool socks to help keep my feet warm and dry in the elements.

8. Enjoy the sunshine while you can 

Even if you’re heading to a cooler climate, you will probably still have some time every day to enjoy the sunshine. Pack some sunglasses to protect your eyes if you’re traveling somewhere with a lot of snow. The glare of the snow can make it hard to see especially if you are driving around. 

9. Don’t forget your SPF

You can still get a sunburn (and seriously damage your skin) in colder climates so remember to pack and regularly apply sunscreen. To save space in your suitcase look for a product that does double duty and combines SPF with a moisturizer. You can also find plenty of lip balms that offer some sun protection.

10. End the day with a moisturizing skincare routine 

Since cold air tends to be dryer, remember to end your day with some moisturizing skincare. Don’t just grab whatever they give you at the hotel. For a serious splurge pack a nice, thick cream to slather on as part of your nighttime routine.

Wherever you’re headed for work or for play, enjoy your time in your cold-weather destination. If you’re wearing any of our long sleeve pajama sets or the new Bagheera flannel collection, take a selfie, post it on Instagram and remember to tag us!

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