Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Do you create a capsule wardrobe for each new season? To be perfectly honest, it’s been years since I’ve really differentiated my wardrobe, but this year I really wanted to cleanup my wardrobe and streamline my choices for each morning.

By Amy Voloshin
August 2021
Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Recently, I had a little more time and divided up my wardrobe to create a little more order in my closets and organized my clothes by color, texture, and of course level of warmth. This helped me to create a fall capsule wardrobe from mostly items I already own (plus a few key new pieces).

Amy’s Fall Wardrobe Picks

The pieces that go into my fall wardrobe are my longer jackets and sweaters, and anything that has richer tones to it - berry, tans, navy, and olive all are key colors for me. Shoes with a closed toe also really help make a dramatic difference as the seasons change. 

This year, I purchased some suede tall boots in preparation for fall which I’m excited to pair with some of my summer dresses. Adding the suede texture is a great way to transition into the cooler season and extend the wearability of lighter-weight items. I typically only buy leather goods second-hand since I don’t like to encourage industries that use animals in their products. You can find great options through resale sites like Poshmark or The Real Real that are lightly or never used.

The other piece I’m working into my transitional capsule wardrobe is a relaxed blazer to have an easy layering piece. I got a velvet one that I’m excited about trying. I’m a very relaxed dresser so I love the slouch of it. Mine is by Endless Rose and I think you can get them on sale at this point through a bunch of different retailers. 

Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Tips for Creating a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

1. Start with what you already have 

We are all so conditioned by fashion brands to keep buying more. However, most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe.

When I first started getting into capsule wardrobing and trying to wear more of what I already owned, I bought a bunch of basic T’s and a few other what I’ll now call ‘boring’ pieces because I thought that I needed them.

I found that you really just need 7 great outfits each season that work for your typical week and you can set those on repeat! The good news is that you probably have more than enough clothes to make that happen. 

If you do need something new, you’ll have more budget available to buy high-quality brands that you love that you can keep for years. One amazing piece can give you that sense of newness and freshness that we all seek every once and a while.

2. Try the Cladwell app

I use the Cladwell app which I LOVE, and I’ve found that I wear about 50% of my wardrobe. But, that still means half of it doesn’t see the light of day. You’d think I’d be a person that enjoys creating outfits, but with all the decisions that go into my day, I don’t actually enjoy it as much as you’d think.

The Cladwell app basically does the work of creating outfits for you. It allows you to create different capsules for work/weekend/going out and update your capsules for each new season. It’s amazing how it generates different looks and makes it easy to mark your favorites. 

I’m always impressed by the hundreds of outfits it can make from very few items. I think just identifying what looks good on you and what doesn’t can be helpful in streamlining your wardrobe. Be honest with yourself about the clothes that don’t suit your lifestyle and recycle the clothes or swap them with a friend.

3. Work with a stylist

Working with a stylist can also be a great way to figure out what items work best for the life you are really living. I’m totally guilty of having lots of going-out dresses even though casual tops and comfortable jeans are really the items I wear the most frequently. Some retailers even offer complimentary styling services, so see if you can take advantage of that.

4. Make a mood board

Making a mood board also can help you dial in on what you are trying to achieve for your personal style. I think Pinterest is great, but I find that it is hard to put into action. I highly recommend downloading the images and creating a more focused board for the season. Printing out the images of what you want to wear (hopefully incorporating many of the pieces you already own) will help you put those outfit ideas into actual practice. Let’s be honest, that Pinterest board can be hard to remember before the coffee kicks in each morning!

Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe
Creating A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Sleepwear in Your Capsule Wardrobe

Since I design sleepwear, I obviously have a few thoughts on curating your pajamas too. At Printfresh, we use GOTS certified organic cotton to make all of our pajamas. I recommend choosing a few of your favorite prints and investing in the styles you’re most comfortable sleeping in. Our pajamas are designed to be worn year-round so it really is up to you what style you sleep in best. Right now, I am loving our new Houseplants collection and know I will cherish them for years to come.

Tell us in the comments, what items are in your capsule wardrobe this fall, and if there is anything special you are looking to add?

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