Creating a Transitional Wardrobe for Fall

I love fall. Cozy sweaters and sipping warm tea are something I look forward to each year. As I am getting my wardrobe ready for the cooler weather, I enlisted the help of my friend Susan Padron – an intuitive personal stylist. Recently, we spent a day together cleaning out and organizing my closet, and her advice was incredibly valuable. I asked Susan to share some of her great tips with all of you.
September 2021
Creating a Transitional Wardrobe for Fall
Creating a Transitional Wardrobe for Fall

Susan’s Tips for Creating a Transitional Fall Wardrobe

1. Don’t pack summer clothes away too early

Make sure that you don't pack away all of your summer clothes prematurely. Fall mornings start out cool, but can occasionally still reach summer temperatures by the afternoon, so you'll want to make sure that you have layers prepared. As fall starts to arrive, it is helpful to have a lightweight jacket, blazer, or sweater that you can throw on over a t-shirt or sleeveless top. Then you can easily transition your outfit as the day progresses.

2. Start writing your shopping list sooner than you think 

Most clothing stores start to put out their fall/winter clothes in July, but it's definitely less than ideal to buy sweaters while you're currently sweating. However, if you're planning on shopping for new pieces, you'll want to start sooner rather than later (think August). Since that timeframe has already passed this year, don’t despair, you may be able to pick up some beautiful pieces on sale!

3. You can wait to fully transition your wardrobe if you want to 

When it comes to making the actual transition, you can wait a little bit longer. When the weather changes, and if you live in an area where the trees change, you will definitely want to stop wearing anything made from summer-specific fabric, like linen. Despite what the old "rule" says, you can wear white all year round, you don't have to stop after Labor Day. A better rule for fall clothing would be if you can't make it work for your current season's weather, don't wear it now.

4. Be strategic when choosing trendier items 

I like to invest in clothes that I can ideally wear for at least a few years. Sometimes, trends don't last that long. When you're rocking trendy pieces, and the season is about to change, ask yourself, "do I think this trend will still be around next time this season comes back?" If your answer is no, consider donating or consigning that piece. If it's a longer-lasting trend, hold on to it and see what the next year brings.

5. Invest in great “staple pieces”

With a versatile wardrobe, you don't have to transition as much as you would think! Creating a wardrobe that has a great foundation of staple pieces allows for you to utilize more of your clothes because everything will have multiple uses! This foundation will also let you experiment with trends each season without having to buy a completely new wardrobe.

Don’t Forget to Transition Your Sleepwear

When it comes to a fall wardrobe, you might also be excited about trading in your short sleep sets and cozying up in some new long pajamas. At Printfresh, our pajamas are designed to be comfortable year-round but you might still prefer short sets or nightgowns in the summer and long sets or sleep shirts in the fall and winter. Whatever your preference is, grabbing a new pair of PJs as you transition into fall is something we at Printfresh highly recommend. 

To learn more about Susan Padron or to get help with your own closet visit her website, or read her book ‘We don’t do just okay anymore’.

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