DIY: Dog Bandana

DIY: Dog Bandana

Dog lovers, our newest DIY tutorial is for you! We're sharing another idea for repurposing the fabric drawstring bags that our pajama sets come packed inside: a stylish printed bandana so you and your best canine friend can match. Our fabric bags will give you enough fabric to make 2 bandanas, so you can dress two pups or gift the extra to a furry friend.

Materials Needed

  • 1 100% cotton poplin Printfresh drawstring bag, cut into a triangle on the fold (download out pattern here)
  • Cotton drawstring, ironed
  • Matching Thread
  • Iron 
  • Fabric scissors OR a rotary cutter
  • Sewing machine (or needle for hand-sewing)

Time: 30 minutes with a sewing machine, 1-2 hours if hand-sewing  

Step 1 - Print out the pattern and tape together as directed on pattern, lining up the triangles. Choose the size bandana you'd like to make and cut out pattern along the lines. Prep your bag by removing the drawstring cord and using a seam ripper or small scissors to remove the patch, clearing away any thread bits that remain. Then iron the bag and cord so both are wrinkle-free and flat.

Step 2 - Line up your pattern on top of the bag, placing the side labeled "CUT ON THE FOLD" along one of the side seams of your bag. Cut out the pattern using scissors or a rotary blade. Once cut, unfold your triangle of fabric and iron the center seam so that the excess fabric is folded to one side. 

Step 3 - Create a double hem on all three edges of the fabric. First, fold the fabric edges over 1/2" and iron. Once completed, fold the edges over 1/2" a second time, ironing again and pinning. You will need to fold the corners under, similarly to wrapping the corners of a present, so that all cut edges of the fabric are hidden. Pin down and top stitch at 3/8" to secure the finish the hem. 

Step 4 - Take the drawstring cotton twill tape and fold in half. Open your bandana triangle and line up the folded center of the twill tape with the center seam of the bandana (so your twill tape is centered on the bandana). Holding the center of the twill tape in place, open it up and line it against the top edge of the bandana, pinning it in place. Top stitch 1/8" around the top, side bottom edges of the twill tape, attaching it securely to the bandana.

And you're finished! Now it's time to dress your furry friend in their new colorful bandana. We were lucky enough to book Franklin to model our Royal Palms bandana.

You'll probably also want to have a photoshoot now that you have matching outfits, and we LOVE seeing the creative ways you reuse our fabric bags. Be sure to tag us @printfresh on Instagram, and share some of your other creative ideas for DIY projects in the comments below!

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