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How to Make a DIY Floral Wall Hanging

For the Printfresh Mother’s Day photoshoot we enlisted the help of our talented social media manager, Brittany to construct a stunning DIY floral wall hanging. We loved the look and since it’s a great way to extend the life of fresh flowers that are a little past their prime, we wanted to share the directions so you can make your own. 

By Printfresh Staff
June 2021
How to Make a DIY Floral Wall Hanging
How to Make a DIY Floral Wall Hanging

Next time you have some fresh flowers that you want to get some more use out of (or if you just want an excuse to buy yourself fresh flowers) this is the perfect project to get more use out of your purchase and add a new work of art to your walls. As a bonus, when you’re done, you should definitely plan your own Printfresh pajama photoshoot and tag us in your most Instagram-worthy photos (your photo will enter you for a chance to win a $150 gift card)!

How to Make a Floral Wall Hanging

What you’ll need:

• 2 branches
• Dried flower bunches

Maker’s Tip: You can dry out old bouquets of cut flowers, purchase already dried, or mix a little of both to get the perfect color palette to match your decor.

• Jute or rope
• Scissors
• Tape measure or ruler
• Hooks/nails (for hanging to the wall)

Step by-Step Instructions:

1. Clear an open space on the floor or a large table to work. 

2. Place the branches horizontally on the floor and determine how large you want the finished piece to be (this will be the vertical distance between the branches). 

3. Measure the distance between the branches and add 12 inches (this will give you enough jute to easily tie everything together). 

4. Cut 5 pieces of jute the same length. 

5. Tie and knot one end of each piece of jute to the first branch, equidistant apart.

Maker’s Tip: Do not trim excess until fully assembled, so you can easily untie and adjust if necessary.

6. Take the loose end of the first piece of jute and attach it to the second branch. Then take the loose end of the last piece of jute and attach it to the second branch. Tying these two pieces first will ensure your final result is level. 

Maker’s Tip: Hold it up to do a quick check, but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect! 

7. Fasten the remaining ends to the second branch. Once you’re satisfied, trim the excess.

8. Create bunches of dried flowers, securing each together with jute.

Maker’s Tip: For each bunch, cut a longer piece of jute than you think is necessary - it will not only hold together the flowers, but you will use the ends to attach it to the frame). Depending on how full or sparse you want the finished piece to be will determine how many bunches you will need.

9. Attach each bunch to the vertical pieces of jute, securing with a bow. This way you can remove and rearrange them whenever you want! Feel free to play around with arranging the bunches so similar colors and textures are randomly spaced.

The Best Way to Dry Flowers

If you’re new to drying flowers, it can be a pretty simple process. There are four main methods you can use depending on how much time you have (we see you last-minute DIY-ers) and the colors you want to achieve.

These methods include:

1. Air drying

2. Pressing 

3. Microwaving

4. Drying in silica sand

However you decide to dry your flowers, they will look stunning in your wall hanging. This work of art will make a great backdrop for a photoshoot, add beauty to your zoom background or be used as a work of art you can leave up as long as you want. You can vary the size and length of the bunches as well as colors and textures - remember to make it your own and have fun. It may just be us, but we can definitely picture color coordinating your flowers with your favorite Printfresh Pajamas. Don’t forget to  let us know in the comments how it goes and tag us in your photos!

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