DIY: Sunrise Embroidery

DIY: Sunrise Embroidery

Embroidering has been a great hobby for me over the last few months. It’s fun to create something tactile, easy to do while hanging out with family, and an excellent way to keep your hands busy without involving your phone! In the past I had done a lot of needlepoint or cross stitch, but I've found I prefer embroidery as it’s more free form and you can stitch any motifs that you collect or draw yourself. - Amy Voloshin

With this DIY you'll be able to embroider our Sunrise motifs on anything you like - could be an old linen or oxford shirt (Amy's next project), a napkin corner or tea towel, a patch, or whatever other fabric surface you dream up. Embroidery using this method is a very affordable hobby that requires very little space or supplies. These days there are amazing kits that have pretty much everything you will need for floss and it’s all neatly wound. You can start with this pattern and then move on to more complicated or ornate designs!



Step 1 - Trace design or hand draw it onto whatever fabric you choose. If the fabric is thin and light in color you can probably trace over it with a mechanical pencil, if it’s more opaque using a light box or holding it up to a windowpane should work.

Step 2 - Cut a piece of embroidery floss that is about arm's length. Divide the floss into individual strands, and thread a single strand through you needle. Knot the end. 

Step 3 - Decide what stitches you'd like to use on your embroidery. Amy used a chainstitch around the sun’s circle/face, but a simple Backstitch could also work if you aren’t comfortable with chain stitching yet (backstitching is one of the easiest ways to embroider and gives you a nice hand-drawn looking line). As you get more comfortable you can start experimenting with combining different stitching techniques. Cutesy Crafts on YouTube has a lot of great tutorials on a wide array of embroidery stitches.

Step 4 - Stitch your design. If you are using 2 colors, make sure to alternate between the two for the sun arms. When finished with each color, tie off with a knot so your embroidery is secure.

We'd love to see how you embroider our Sunrise design! Make sure to share it on Instagram and tag us @printfresh.

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