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DIY: Wooden Bead Garland

Since we're all spending more time at home this year, I wanted to put a little extra care into creating an aesthetically-pleasing Christmas tree. So, here's an easy DIY wood beaded garland that we had fun creating, and I hope you will too! - Amy Voloshin
By Sophia DiPersio
November 2020
DIY: Wooden Bead Garland
DIY: Wooden Bead Garland

Typically, we travel to Miami for my birthday the first week of December and then we're rushed to decorate upon our return. But this year, since we are staying put, I wanted to prepare some more decorations and do some fun crafts with the kids.

What you’ll need:

1. Wooden beads (natural unfinished) 1” - make sure they are actually beads, I made the mistake of ordering wooden balls the first time!

2. Jute / natural thin twine (some beads come with this already so read the fine print)

3. Tape

4. Needle

Step 1:

Measure your twine piece to your desired length. Many shops sell ones that are 72 inches, but depending on where you want to decorate, you could always go longer or shorter for your end use. Tape a sewing needle to the twine. 

Step 2:

Tie off a knot large enough to not let the balls slip through, then begin to thread them onto the string.

Step 3:

For extra credit, you can also make a tassel for the end (we are HUGE fans of tassels). You can wrap the jute around your palm about 15 times, tie another piece of the twine around the top of the tassel (½” from the top and tie it off). Then, thread the garland end through the top loop of your tassel. You can do this to both ends. 

You can use these on the tree if you should have one, or you can also use them for an interesting mantel decoration, tablescape, or throw in a cool, old bowl. So many options!

Did you give this DIY a try? Leave a comment below, we’d love to know how it turned out. Looking for other fun projects? Be sure to check out our DIY Dog Bandana and Fabric Coasters

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