Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Heads up, friends—it’s that fateful time of year again… Mercury Retrograde. We know very well that communication with others and even ourselves gets foggy during this time and we have the planets to blame for that! About three to four times a year, Mercury and Earth pass each other in orbit and while Mercury slows down, Earth is going at the same speed making it appear as though Mercury starts orbiting backwards, hence, Mercury Retrograde. 

As Mercury is the planet that controls communication, technology and travel, during its retrograde it seems like the universe is against us in all of these aspects and more. This time can be an exhausting, frustrating mess, but we're working on the best ways to set our intentions and combat the universe’s bad fate—and we’re here to share our tips!

It’s said that during Mercury Retrograde, while the universe is going haywire, it’s better to reflect on unfinished projects instead of starting anything new. When nature is moving forward, it’s a great time to move onto new ventures, but when it is going backward, it’s a good idea to look back and revisit anything unfinished. Remember, it’s really advised to not go against the force of nature if you want success in your endeavors.

Set your intentions beforehand. We’re always big proponents of being intentional, but it’s more important than ever to check in with yourself and set your intentions for the near future before all of the madness begins. If you start to feel confused or directionless during Mercury Retrograde, you can refer back to them to get your true self back on track. Use one of our Small Velvet Journals to jot down your intentions and bring them on the go when you need a refresher.

Reflect on past goodcomings with gratitude journaling. Retrograde is perfect for reflecting on your highs, especially if you've fallen into its trap of overthinking. Gratitude Journaling can help you look back on what you’ve been grateful for and revisit it if you feel you’re losing sight of the positive. Use our one of our Velvet Gratitude Journals so you can look back on what you were grateful for in the past day, week or month! 

Back up all technology. Technology is one of the three big components warned about during retrograde, as the most unfortunate tech mishaps usually fall within it. Make sure all of your technology is backed up beforehand, regularly save your work throughout Retrograde, and push any new tech purchases till next month to possibly save you a couple hundred dollars. 

Put travel plans on the back burner. This sounds like a major bummer but Retrograde seems to really mess with travel plans, whether it’s freak weather or a faulty alarm clock. We’re not complaining too much, though, as this makes the perfect excuse to stay home for the weekend watching movies in bed. Make staying in a little more exciting by gearing up with one of our many colorful Pajamas Sets

Hold off on large purchases or deals. With all of the risks associated with this period of time, it’s never a smart move to put a lot on the line. Try to push off any big investments or risks as the universe might not be as on your side as much as you would hope during this time. Save it for next month for some peace of mind!

Write down plans to avoid planning miscommunication. Keep the effects of Retrograde within Retrograde and avoid souring relationships by keeping track of plans and obligations. With communication being interfered from all ends, make sure to lay out your time spent with family, friends or bosses and avoid a miscommunication blow up as best as possible. 

Give yourself a break. Over a month of communication friction is quite a burden to bear, so remember to take a break from it with some alone time and self-care. As this period also causes internal communication issues, make sure to free yourself of unwelcome thoughts and don't overthink during this reset. Take a break to do some daily things you wouldn't usually do solo or squeeze in some self-guided yoga. 

If you keep these suggestions in mind, Mercury Retrograde can be a great time to reflect and reset instead of something we need to dread. Try out some of these tips to make this Retrograde a breeze!

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