Palm Springs: Top 5 Destinations for Designers, and how they inspired our new journal collection

Palm Springs: Top 5 Destinations for Designers, and how they inspired our new journal collection
Today our Founder/Creative Director Amy is on the blog sharing her favorite places in Palm Springs, as well as a bit about what inspired her to design our newest collection of journals and notebooks.

The 5 Best Inspiration Destinations for Designers in Palm Springs

  1. The Parker Palm Springs - I love the amazing decor designed by Jonathan Adler. Everything is very 70’s and Mid-Century inspired, and the gorgeous array of textiles is on point.
  2. Workshop - The long communal concrete table and minimalist design of this restaurant somehow exudes both a cool and welcoming atmosphere, and the food is delicious! It's the perfect stylish spot for a romantic dinner and cocktails.
  3. The Ace Hotel - I love stopping in for a meal or poolside drinks here, and it’s also a great place to stay - the design is very hip, the landscaping is lovely and every detail is carefully considered.
  4. Vintage shopping - The End has great vintage clothing outside of Palm Springs, and it’s affordably priced. Be sure to stop at all of the small vintage/antique shops (most feature amazing MCM finds) along the way to Joshua Tree - there are a lot of them, so plan for plenty of time!
  5. Go see Joshua Tree! - Named after the unique trees that are really only found in this part of the world, Joshua Tree hosts a National Park that I'd love to hike through next time. Take a beautiful drive through the desert, and you can even stop for a sound bath here.

How our Spring collection was inspired by Palm Springs

The idea for our newest collection appeared to me while I was vacationing at the Parker Palm Springs with my husband Leo last Fall. We were celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary and jumped at the chance to pop over to the West Coast for some sun and inspiration.

Everything seems to be lighter and airier in the desert, and I wanted this capsule to be a softer, more feminine take on the style and materials we’re known for. Our hotel room’s framed photo of Jackie O wearing an artistic head scarf inspired the abstract brush strokes that move through this collection; wavy topographic lines echo the formations of the arid landscape that surrounded us, and simple speckled textures reference earthy glazes on the hand-thrown ceramics I bought at a tiny boutique.

Sitting poolside, I took the time to read a fabulous book - Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers. I devoured it cover-to-cover, quickly realizing that this design philosophy truly encompassed the aesthetic ideas that have shaped my identity. I was raised in an old farmhouse surrounded by hand-hewn primitive furniture and the occasional 60s Knoll pieces (my parents met while they were both working there), and was taught early on to appreciate the imperfect. This ideology is reflected throughout our entire line, as we marry artistic loose mark-making with textured and worn fabrics.

Everything is textured and touchable - velvet is a studio favorite, and we continue to covet its romantic and sumptuous implications with reimagined colorways of old best-sellers. You’ll find unexpected pops of metallics across different materials and silhouettes, adding continuity and a touch of modernity to this luxe & bohemian collection.

It is my hope these lovely journals find their way into the hands of the amazing dreamers, jotters, sketchers and journalers out there that make up our memory-keeping community!

Which designs from our newest collection are your favorites? 

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