Tips for Storing Your out of Season Clothes

I don't always transition my closet, but as summer fades to fall, I'm looking forward to organizing my closet and storing away all of my bathing suits and sundresses in favor of sweaters and boots. Ready to tackle your own closet transition with me? Here are a few things I've learned about how to properly store out-of-season clothes.

By Amy Voloshin
September 2021
Tips for Storing Your out of Season Clothes
Tips for Storing Your out of Season Clothes

For the last couple of years, I felt overwhelmed with my quickly growing children and their wardrobes so it was hard to focus on storing their clothes (and mine) for the next year. Now, I finally feel like I’m getting back into a groove and I’m getting more organized about my own closet. Here are some of my best tips for storing your out of season clothes.

Amy’s Tips for Seasonal Clothing Storage

1. The fewer items you have to work with, the better

Having all the seasons together makes my closet way too overwhelming and it’s hard to put together seasonally (or weather) appropriate outfits. The fewer items I have to work with the easier it is for me to make decisions. About 50 pieces of clothing are really all we need for any particular season. Believe me, you’ll be amazed at how no one notices if you wear the same thing every week! Removing last season’s outfits from your closets and drawers will make it easier for you to find what you need.

2. Use comforter bags or vacuum storage bags to hold your out of season clothes

I’ve dusted off my old comforter bags and plan to store some of my summer clothes in those, hidden away in the basement (which is finished and dry). I prefer bags to plastic storage bins, as they are softer and easier to move around. Plus – using what I already have on hand is better for the environment. Some members of our team swear by vacuum seal bags but since I’m unlikely to actually steam the clothes when it’s time to take things out next summer, I don’t use them myself.  The thought of all of that garment steaming is too overwhelming, and that’s just not going to work for me! 

3. Wash your clothes and remove any stains before putting your clothes into storage

Any lingering odors or stains will just get worse over time, so it is a good idea to make sure your clothes are clean and stain free before you put them into storage. This will also help you transition back when you take your clothes out of the bags. They will be clean and ready to wear.

4. Purge items you don’t want before putting your items into storage

Transitioning your wardrobe each season is also a good time to evaluate your attachment to your clothing and accessories. If there is something you didn’t wear or that you don’t love as much as you thought you would, you may want to consider reselling while it’s still slightly in season or on-trend. Need help knowing whether or not you actually wore something? You can use the Cladwell app or turn your hangers the wrong way (and then face them the right way after you wear something) to help you realize if you didn’t wear a garment over a set period of time or season.

5. Group similar items and clearly label your bags before storing

Grouping and clearly labeling things will also help you get more organized when it’s time to bring those items out again later. It can be overwhelming to go through a random box of clothing. Labeling things in an easy-to-understand way like “Fall/Winter Blouses” will make it easier to reintroduce those items as you need them when the weather changes.

Things to Consider When Storing out of Season Clothes

Keep clothes dry and dust-free 

Keeping clothing dry and dust-free is essential. Luckily our basement has nice cabinets that I can store my out-of-season clothes in. If I were to store things in my attic I would favor a firm plastic bin with a tightly fitting lid. Be sure to never use cardboard boxes as they don’t provide an adequate shield against dust, bugs, and moisture.  

Consider the weight of items before you purchase anything new 

I’m usually drawn to lightweight items, BUT I always have to think carefully when planning for fall and winter and purchasing bulky sweaters and winter coats! Having a few coats (especially in my East Coast life) is important, but they can take up a lot of space.  I prefer to make sure each serves a different purpose and I always have a variety of coats in different levels of warmth. 

I also try to avoid too many bulky sweaters as that can take up a lot of closet and storage space. When shopping online it can be hard to tell how bulky something will be so it’s important to be discerning when items arrive to make sure they won’t take up too much real estate if you have a small closet. 

Don’t forget to transition your sleepwear too

If you are transitioning your clothes for fall, make sure you are also ready with great fall pajamas. While Printfresh pajamas are designed to be worn year-round, consider adding one of our newest transitional sets, Houseplants and Orange Grove to your collection. For cooler nights, our long sleep sets will keep you comfortable and warm.

Image credits: The Container Store, Etsy

If you are in the process of storing your off-season clothes, tell us in the comments what additional tips you might add?

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