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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today, we are honored to share with you the faces of the staff and business partners that we work with every day behind the scenes to bring our world of pajamas to you, our amazing customers.
March 2021
Celebrating International Women’s Day
Celebrating International Women’s Day

“International Women’s Day is important to me because it’s all about creating a more equal world. I adore being in the company of women, designing clothing for women, and hearing women’s stories. These passions drive so much of how we design, present our collections, and how we collaborate with all the amazing women who we feature on our blogs - empowering them to tell their stories in their own words.” – Amy, Founder  

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ – and one that we wholeheartedly embrace. At Printfresh, we believe this day is about so much more than just celebrating achievements of women-identifying people – it’s about a continuous move towards equality and calling out bias when we see it. By identifying it and creating awareness we can keep pushing towards a society and a world where people of all gender expressions are treated with respect, care and equality.

“When looking for partners to work with in our business I always look for partnering with companies where gender equality is at the forefront. Since the majority of our line is women’s clothing - it’s important that we have people who are sensitive to those needs working with us. I always have a strong preference for partnering with vendors who are either women-owned or have many women in leadership positions. As a business owner, I need to vote with my dollars by choosing to work with vendors who promote equitable workplaces as this will have long term effects on creating a more equitable world - one in which I want to live in!” – Amy, Founder 

We believe that everyone can play a part in this challenge. Learn more about International Women’s Day and this year’s theme here.

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