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Introducing Printfresh Slippers: Self-Care for Your Feet

To add something special to this holiday season, we’re excited to offer slippers as part of our growing product lineup. These house shoes are perfect for staying cozy during the winter months or looking great when you run out for a quick dog walk. They also make great gifts! You can give them with some of our beautiful pajamas or on their own. 
By Printfresh Staff
November 2021
Introducing Printfresh Slippers: Self-Care for Your Feet
Introducing Printfresh Slippers: Self-Care for Your Feet

These whimsical tufted slippers feature a soft micro suede lining and no-slip bottoms. There are so many reasons to love our new slippers, but that isn’t the only reason to treat yourself (or someone else) to a pair. While we were creating our slipper collection we did a little learning about the benefits of wearing slippers and how a good pair of slippers can be a form of self-care.

Introducing Printfresh Slippers: Self-Care for Your Feet
Introducing Printfresh Slippers: Self-Care for Your Feet

Benefits of Wearing Slippers

1. Protect your feet 

If you’ve ever stepped on a lego (or half-chewed dog bone) barefoot, you know this can be a special kind of pain. A pair of slippers with a supportive sole can help prevent this uncomfortable experience.

A cozy pair of slippers will also protect the soles of your feet from the elements. Don’t step out of bed directly onto the ice-cold floor, keep your slippers within your foot’s reach when getting up in the morning.

2. Prevent foot pain 

If you’re prone to certain kinds of foot pain, like that from having flat feet, a pair of supportive slippers can help keep your feet feeling good. Just make sure they’re fitted correctly and have a supportive sole.

3. Keep your floors cleaner

Keeping the floors clean can be a consistent chore, especially in the colder months. Outside shoes can track in mud, ice, snow and even rock salt used to keep you from slipping on the pavement. If you and your family can deposit your shoes at the door and slide your feet into a pair of cozy slippers, you won’t be tracking debris into the house, extending the length of time you can go between heavy floor cleanings - and who doesn’t want to spend less time cleaning up? If you’re truly committed to a shoe-free house, you could even keep a few extra pairs on hand so guests don’t have to walk around in their socks.

4. Give your feet a break from uncomfortable dress shoes 

We designed our slippers with style in mind too. If you’re only going a short distance to meet a girlfriend for coffee or running a light errand, you can do so in comfort and style. If you have loafers or ballet slippers that aren’t the most comfortable, consider wearing a pair of slippers. Like our pajamas, our slippers were made to be seen. Choose from three stylish patterns to complement any outfit. Looking for some festive flair at the holidays? Consider the Candy Cane Stripe.

Printfresh slippers are available in three patterns to fit any style. We have our Leopard Spot which is perfect for those who prefer more muted color palettes. Cypress, which features a bold red with a green leaf motif, and finally, our whimsical Candy Cane Stripe in pink, green, and red.

 If you’re shopping for the holidays, you will get more when you give more! We’ve curated some gifts with purchase so you can pick up something for yourself when you shop for a friend or family member.

Slippers or no? Tell us how you wear your slippers in the comments, and if you’re wearing your printfresh slippers this season around the house or even around town, take a picture and tag us on Instagram. We love to see how you style (and love) our products.

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