Life happens fast - we’re often so busy growing up that we forget to really consider the relationships we have with our mothers until we’re out of the house, living independently and even considering having children of our own. As the mother of two and a business owner, I know this truth all too well!

My kids, Mila and Nico.

I use my journal primarily as a space to reflect and work through my thoughts and memories. While sometimes I sit down without direction and just write in a stream-of-consciousness format, I find journaling prompts to be an incredibly useful tool. A good prompt not only inspires you to write in the first place, but allows you to examine your thoughts on a deeper level than you might have otherwise.

This Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some thematic prompts to help you appreciate the relationship you have with your mother, your children, and even the concept of motherhood.

And if your mom or your kids are journalers too, try sharing these prompts with them!


Mother’s Day Journaling Prompts

  • Write about a favorite memory from when you were a child with your mother
  • What is an unexpected great this year for you as a mother?
  • The top 3 things I love about my mom are…
  • Best advice my mom ever gave me…
  • My mom is happiest when…
  • My mom always says…
  • Ricki Lake has said “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.” What are your thoughts on that statement?
  • What piece of advice do you wish someone gave you before having kids?
  • What qualities do you think your child/children get from your partner?
  • Describe the relationship you hope to have with your child now, as a teenager, and as an adult
  • Write about what you think you’ll need to do to work towards the type of relationships you want to have with your children. What actions or behaviors will start to help you work towards those relationship goals?
  • Describe the perfect Mother’s Day (you might want to share this one with your partner ahead of the big day!)
  • What’s your favorite poem about Motherhood?

Which prompts will you be writing about today?

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