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Five Friendship Tips for Lasting Connections

Making and maintaining adult friendships is tough, even for the most extroverted among us. However, having quality relationships can make a huge difference in our mental health. In honor of the month of love, we’re offering up some tips on how to make space for more friend love this year. 
By Printfresh Staff
February 2022
Five Friendship Tips for Lasting Connections
Five Friendship Tips for Lasting Connections

1. Just Check In

We sometimes put off simply checking in with our friends because we feel like there needs to be some grand gesture or big plan to spend time together, when a quick text message or DM does have benefits. While sharing internet memes and lengthy text message chains can’t fully replace one-on-one time together, they do help sustain connection. Remember, distance doesn't make relationships fade, silence does. 

2. Make it Routine 

Printfresh Founder, Amy Voloshin, has a standing Saturday night dinner with her best friend and their partners, “The routine guarantees that we always make time to have a nice meal together, and it’s something to look forward to during the week." Schedule a Friday morning coffee date, a Thursday night workout class or even a regular weekend Zoom call with your friends and the routine will ensure you prioritize that friendship. 

3. Be Vulnerable

No friendship can have depth without the ability to share your struggles. Ask for advice or concrete support when you need it. Try making a list of things you need help with and identifying the right friend to ask. In a style rut? Get out a nice bottle of wine and invite your most fashionable friend over to help you go through your closet. Struggling with your career? Ask a friend who is thriving to lunch and pick their brain.

4. Practice Active Listening 

Easier said than done. Really pay attention to where your mind goes when a friend is speaking. Don’t think about what you’re going to say next, don’t be too quick to offer advice and don’t bombard them with questions. Simply reflect what you’re hearing them say, acknowledge their feelings as being valid, and generally say LESS. 

5. Gift Thoughtfully 

Everyone has a different love language, but few can deny that the right gift at the right time speaks volumes. Try to plan ahead - put friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, milestones and more on your calendar and send a thoughtful card and a personalized gift to them. Need inspiration? A Printfresh robe or fun pair of slippers is a great option for just about anyone! 

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