Meet the Team: Fall Favorites

Meet the Team: Fall Favorites

Fall is a favorite season of ours here at Printfresh, and with all our astrology and occult-inspired products, it should come as no surprise that we *love* Halloween. In our latest iteration of our Meet the Team blog series, we’re sharing our favorite fall activities, Halloween candy, and more.

What’s your favorite fall tradition?

Amy (Creative Director): Trick or treating is huge in my neighborhood so I love getting together with my mom friends and passing out candy and taking the kids around the neighborhood. Since I grew up on a dirt road in farmland, it’s an exciting change from what I grew up with.

Christiane (Designer): I’m originally from rural central PA, so I LOVE a good corn maze. If I can be eating an apple cider donut while navigating the corn maze, even better!

Sophia (Marketing Manager): Spending as much time outside as possible to see the changing leaves! I love to go on hikes in the mountains or visit the meadows at Longwood Gardens—the colors there are beautiful.

Diana (Shipping Manager): When I was younger, my friends and I used to sneak into abandoned buildings and give each other a real spook. But now that I’m older and a little less dumb, sitting around a cozy fire is more my speed. Add some good ghost stories and we have ourselves a great night!

Do you like Halloween or Thanksgiving more?

Amy: Thanksgiving. I love roasting veggies and I secretly love cranberry sauce out of the can (although I make a fancy homemade one, too!).

Christiane: That’s like choosing a favorite child! I love the creative spirit of Halloween, as well as an excuse to watch silly spooky movies. But I’m also close with my family and a big cooker/baker, so I love the tradition of getting together and making an amazing spread.

Sophia: Halloween for sure. It’s been my favorite holiday/time of the year for as long as I can remember.

Diana: Halloween, 100%. No contest.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Amy: My mom handcrafted beautiful ones when I was a child (there was a good cat one that I loooved), but I’m personally really excited for this one… I’ll post it on our Instagram stories today!

Christiane: A few years ago I sewed an elaborate piñata costume. I love it so much I still recycle it every other year or so!

Sophia: I like the costumes where I’ve dressed as a guy because they’re much more comfortable haha. So I’d say either when I went as Chong from Cheech & Chong, or Harry Potter. I also went as Alex from OITNB once and that’s basically just scrubs so that was comfy too!

Diana: My favorite costume, hands down, has to be 10 year old me dressed as Queen Amidala from Star Wars. I felt sooo cool! Full red robe, full hair, full face makeup - now picture that standing next to the other girls dressed as hippies at the Halloween school parade… It was a very defining moment in my life.

Favorite Halloween candy? Least?

Amy: I’m not a huge candy person, but my favorite is Reese’s peanut butter cups. Least favorite is Tootsie Rolls. 

Christiane: Favorite is either Kit Kats or Reeses Cups. Least is anything with raisins or shredded coconut, or sticky things that get stuck in your teeth.

Sophia: Favorite is probably Butterfinger or Almond Joy, but honestly I’ll take anything except Laffy Taffy—those hurt my teeth!

Diana: Obviously, favorite is Kit Kats. Please do not listen to Kourtney Kardashion, you do not need 6 steps to eat a Kit Kat, that video made my heart ache. Least, probably Almond Joy.

Sophia's Alabama Leprechaun pumpkin

When pumpkin carving, do you go for spooky or silly?

Amy: Silly. I used to do really elaborate ones, but these days we keep it simple with the kids.

Christiane: I definitely go for spooky. I actually won a pumpkin-carving contest a couple years ago with an elaborate interpretation of scary bats and cats.

Sophia: I usually go for a classic jack-o-lantern face but this year I did the Alabama Leprechaun. (Do yourself a favor and YouTube that if you don’t know what I’m referencing!)

Diana: I go for silly. There’s nothing better than a tiny face on a big pumpkin.

Pumpkin spice or apple cider?

Amy: Both! I love those flavors! 

Christiane: I HATE the taste of pumpkin and will never understand the trend of adding it to everything. Honestly I don’t like apple cider all that much either. Give me hot cocoa any day!

Sophia: Oh, that’s tough. I love them both! I definitely have a soft spot for pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin beer, but hot apple cider is up there too.

Diana: I love myself a good slice of pumpkin pie but other than that, pumpkin spice gets a no from me. I have to go with apple cider. I recently tried an apple cider mimosa that really changed the brunch game.

Scary Halloween decorations or cute fall decorations?

Amy: Scary, but not terrifying...

Christiane: I’m not a big decorator at home, mostly because I forget to take them down once the holiday passes. I wish I were a beautiful autumn dahlia-and-dried-grasses bouquet decoration person, but my cats would destroy them. This year my mom gave me some very evocative “siamese twin” gourds that I have strategically placed around my living room. So I guess I’ll go with weird fall decorations?

Sophia: Scary! I have waaaay too many Halloween decorations. If I didn’t live in a small South Philly apartment I would probably try to turn my place into a haunted house.

Diana: Cute inside decorations, for sure. Even though I believe in ghosts that doesn’t mean I want to see them every morning on my way to the bathroom but definitely scary decorations outside! One, because it’s more fun and two, my neighbor puts on a haunted house every year, so naturally they spill over to our side.

Christiane's... interesting... twin gourds

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