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A Pumpkin Painting DIY + 10 Fun Things To Do This Fall

October is one of my favorite months. After the hustle and bustle of September and getting back into a school year routine, October always feels more relaxing and fall-like. Plus, the weather (on the east coast anyway) has a good mix of warm and cool days – which opens up the possibility for so many great activities. Here’s a look at what I’m doing, reading and watching this month. 
By Amy Voloshin
September 2021
A Pumpkin Painting DIY + 10 Fun Things To Do This Fall
A Pumpkin Painting DIY + 10 Fun Things To Do This Fall

Printfresh Inspired Pumpkin Painting DIY

Looking for a fall craft project that doesn’t involve carving? The Pumpkin Painting DIY is a fun way to decorate for Halloween, and using a paintbrush allows for a lot more creativity than trying to wield a knife!

1. Start with a great pumpkin: A smooth variety of pumpkin will make it easier to execute your design.

2. Clean and dry your pumpkin: This will help your paint adhere easily. We recommend acrylic paint – it is the easiest and dries quickly.

3. Determine your design: Something loose and bold will work well, while smaller details can be very time consuming – so plan accordingly!

4. Sketch in the outline of your desired design: Use either a pale colored marker or graphite transfer paper if you have a more elaborate design that is harder to freehand outline.

5. Paint your design: Use acrylic paint with paint brushes. Have a damp cloth and water on hand in case you need to quickly clean up any mistakes. Paint as you would if you were painting on a typical canvas.

A few more considerations are: 
A) You may need to do multiple layers if you are using a light color 
B) Consider the curvature of your pumpkin and make a design that goes around it for the biggest impact.

6. Show off your work: Place the pumpkin in a cool dry location and enjoy!

A Pumpkin Painting DIY + 10 Fun Things To Do This Fall
A Pumpkin Painting DIY + 10 Fun Things To Do This Fall

10 Fun Fall Activities To Do this Month

1. Starting a weekly in-person yoga class at the office with one of my favorite instructors - Brittany Policastro

2. Kayaking

3. Baking all of the fall themed muffins and an apple crisp

4. Going back to Upstate NY (fall foliage!)

5. Making a wreath

6. Weaving with my daughter

7. Making soups

8. Zip Lining? My daughter has been trying to get me to go with her….I might just have to give in!

9. Watching - The White Lotus, Outer Banks, Manifest and The Chair

10. Reading - The Body is not an Apology, Moody Bitches, Braiding Sweetgrass, Plastic-Free

What are your favorite fall activities? Tell us in the comments below!

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