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Ten Nice Things You Can Do For Yourself - Now

With the holiday season in full swing and all of the commitments that come along with them, it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself. At Printfresh, we firmly believe in making time for self-care, but we can all use a little help coming up with ways to treat ourselves now and then. Even if you only have half an hour (or less) you can still show yourself some compassion and practice your self-care with our list of 10 nice things you can do for yourself, now! 
By Printfresh Staff
December 2021
Ten Nice Things You Can Do For Yourself - Now
Ten Nice Things You Can Do For Yourself - Now

How do you release stress and unwind? Our founder, Amy, always makes sure to find time for exercise or intentional movement when she’s having a tough or stressful day. She says “Taking a walk or doing a quick spin workout for 30 minutes can really help me get those endorphins going and reset my energy. It’s amazing how differently I can view a problem or a tough day after moving my body a little.”

Whether you like to exercise or prefer to show yourself some compassion in another way, we hope this list of ten nice things you can do for yourself now inspires you to take some time out for self-care.

10 nice things you can do for yourself now

1. Take a break 

We know, this time of year it’s a hard one, but rest is important. So, if you can take some time to do nothing, please enjoy it. If you’re feeling anxious about your to-do list, a deadline at work or something you need to do for your children, set a timer for your break. After 15-30 minutes, you can go back to tackling everything you need to do. But while the timer is running, take a comfortable seat, lie on your bed or yoga mat, close your eyes and just breathe. 

2. Take a hot bath or turn your shower into a spa 

Another place to do something nice for yourself is first thing in the morning or before you head to bed. Run yourself a hot bath and add some bubbles or luxurious bath salts. If you’re not a bath person, turn your shower into a spa. Invest in some aromatherapy or a shower gel in your favorite scent. If you’re into DIY you can even whip up a foot scrub or homemade bath salts to use. (bonus tip: make a big batch and portion some into giftable containers for friends or family.) If you’re using this time to wind down for the evening, slip into your favorite Printfresh pajamas and head right to bed! 

3. Spend a day offline 

This one might be a bit of a stretch but stay with us. If you can unplug for a day and enjoy being in the moment instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (we all do it), this can be an excellent form of self-care. Whether you decide to go about your daily business as usual or stop to savor a hot latte after a long walk, whatever you decide to do with your offline day is yours and yours alone - there will be no likes or comments from anyone! If you can’t manage a full day, start with a few hours.

4. Mix a delicious cocktail or mocktail before dinner 

Making and enjoying a handcrafted beverage can be an excellent form of self-care. Take a few moments to craft a beverage to sip and savor before dinner (whether you’re cooking, taking out, or heading out). If you don’t drink or are looking to limit your alcohol intake, there are some amazing nonalcoholic spirits on the market that can be used to make beautiful mocktails. If you are going for something stronger we suggest a boulevardier (bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth), or a sophisticated champagne cocktail.  

5. Let someone else cook

If you’re feeling exhausted and burned out - outsource the cooking to someone else. This can be especially restorative if you are in charge of cooking a holiday meal. Whether you ask your partner to handle the heavy lifting or order some delicious takeout, give yourself permission to take a break from shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. 

6. Outsource your errands

Instead of hitting the stores and fighting the crowds, use Instacart or Shipt to get groceries delivered. Not only will this save you tons of time from driving to the store, fighting the crowds, and waiting in neverending lines, it will also help you avoid the stress! 

7. Move your body in a way that feels good 

Take some inspiration from Amy and find the time and space to move. Whether that means taking a walk or yoga class or finally taking that themed Peloton ride you’ve been looking forward to, find a way to move that feels good for your body. If you’re feeling especially stressed or run down you might want to avoid high-intensity exercises like a HIIT class or CrossFit and focus more on active recovery and lowering your stress level. 

8. Buy yourself flowers 

Fresh cut flowers are always a great pick me up so consider grabbing a bunch for yourself. These don’t have to be expensive. Spray roses are often available in the grocery store floral departments for under $10 per bunch - but get whatever is speaking to you at the moment!

9. Clear some clutter from a room in your house 

While this might sound like we’re telling you to do chores, clearing clutter can help you relax and think more clearly. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you deep clean the whole house… just find one corner or space to tidy so that you can relax and feel more focused. Maybe the place that will have the biggest impact is your home office, kitchen counter, or the entryway to your house. 

10. Meet a friend for a cup of coffee or tea

Being around a good friend or loved one can be an instant pick me up. Taking a little time out of your day to have a warm beverage with a friend can be a great gift and a form of self-care. Long distance? Pick up the phone and catch up while you take a walk around the block. 

We know that finding time for these things can be a challenge, so if possible, try to make time first thing in the morning. Amy says, “I try to find time earlier in the day. I used to always expect that I would fit in my self-care activity of choice later in the evening, but my energy levels and willpower at the end of the day are much lower than I like to admit. Now, I start with my morning routine of coffee, reading, journaling, and exercise before I get going. That way, for the rest of the day I know I’ve already had some time to myself, no matter what else comes up.”

Nice things our readers are planning to do for themselves

Need more inspiration? We asked our readers for some additional suggestions of nice things to do for themselves now, and they delivered. Here are some more ideas to consider if you want to do some more nice things for yourself now! 

Take moments of quiet to just be and attempt to collect myself - Rebecca R.

Booking a spa day! - Emily C.

Baking cookies & reading by the fireplace - Sarah A.

Three massages before Christmas - Sima F.

Sleeping in! - Madelyn H. 

Decorating early so I can enjoy it longer - Mary O.

Not pressuring myself to see family - Hannah D.

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