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Your Summer Self Care Checklist

Printfresh founder Amy is a big believer in self-care. She, along with some of our PF Mag readers share their best summer self-care tips and what they are thinking about with regards to self-care this summer.
August 2021
Your Summer Self Care Checklist
Your Summer Self Care Checklist

To me, self-care isn’t just a checklist, but a way of life. It’s more than face masks and bubble baths, although those can be pretty wonderful too. 

With regard to my self-care routines, I’m a pretty methodical person. So, one way I take care of myself is to allow myself to have consistency in my day where I can find it. I almost always journal while having coffee in the morning and try to get grounded. 

The rest of the day can be a little hectic so a lot of the self-care happens when the workday is over and the kids are asleep. I do love to put on cute pajamas when I’m done with work to re-set a bit, especially if I’ve been working at home that day. I cook a healthy meal that has plenty of vegetables, and then I love to sit and not talk, decompress and watch some Netflix. 

I like to extend some of my self-care practice into my bedtime routine too. I try to get into bed about an hour before I plan to sleep so I can fit in my gratitude journaling practice, reading a little, and completing a sleep meditation on Headspace.

Amy’s Summer Self-Care

My self-care does vary seasonally. When it’s sunny out and warm enough I try to sneak in a beach walk to see the ocean and embrace the outside world. I also love to go kayaking with friends. Connecting with the water is wonderful, and incorporating movement into my days is an important way I practice self-care. 

In the cooler months, I find it easier to work on creative projects since I’m indoors more. I like to do things like stitching projects and landscape painting. I still practice creative pursuits in the warmer months, but I tend to make more space for this type of self-care in the winter.

Post-Pandemic Self-Care

Now that people are going back to in-person events and socializing more, I have been thinking about how this impacts my self-care needs. I’ve always had a lot of anxiety around social situations. So now, I’m trying to be a little easier on myself and not commit to things that I’m not really that interested in. As an introvert, this past year was a break from being over-scheduled that I didn’t even know I needed. Now, we are all at this turning point of needing to decide whether we re-engage or not.  

I often struggle with a feeling of obligation to attend large social gatherings, and although I may adore the people that will be there, smaller or one-on-one social situations are really more fulfilling to me. 

My husband is really extroverted and loves going to social events so I’m trying to be better about encouraging him to go without me, and that way I can have time to be alone and do something creative and restorative or meet up with a friend (instead of a big group).

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Another aspect of self-care I am working on is accepting that my body has changed. I have heard from friends and readers that this is also an area of focus for them as well. As a person that really enjoys group workout classes, the pandemic was really hard for me to get motivated or find workouts that were quick enough to do at home. With heaps of laundry, virtual learning, and a zillion meals to make and clean up after I didn’t feel a lot of motivation to exercise and I certainly saw my body shift a little. 

I’ve been trying to have a neutral approach to this with my own body. To practice taking good care of myself, I purchased the next size up in my favorite jeans and just hang them next to the other pair. This way, depending on what my body is like in any particular month, I have an option that fits well and makes me feel great.

It’s perfectly normal for bodies to change and grow, but it can certainly be hard when we are constantly being advertised to with ultra-thin images of women which aren’t completely realistic to most women in society. I’m really careful not to follow anyone who degrades the body on social or on blogs. 

I only read or follow people who promote a neutral or positive approach to the body. I love Lauren Leavell who models with us frequently for constantly promoting realistic and vulnerable and inspiring insights to viewing our bodies.

Your Summer Self-Care Checklist

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn more about how some of the PF Mag readers and I practice self-care. I’ve put together a checklist of self-care activities you can try If you feel overwhelmed trying to take care of yourself through the summer. 

1. Start your day with your favorite beverage and journal

2. Take a walk (near water if you can)

3. Cook a meal with your favorite seasonal veggies 

4. Socialize in a way that gives you energy 

5. Buy clothes that make you feel great (like Printfresh pajamas!)

6. Unfollow social accounts or bloggers that don’t make you feel good about yourself

7. Create a nighttime routine that helps you wind down. Try gratitude journaling, meditation, a cup of tea, or a great skincare ritual.

PF Mag Readers Share Their Self Care Tips Here

We asked PF Mag Readers to answer the following 2 questions:

1. How are you taking care of yourself this summer?

Alex N. : "Prioritizing time to read, reflect & making sure to enforce strict work/life balance boundaries."

Louisa B. : "After the whirlwind of 2020, I’m focusing on the small stuff. Admiring the way a sunflower bends to face the sun. Watching birds chirping and picking at the grass in the morning dew. Seeing my son laughing as he rides the waves (literal ocean waves and figurative in ups and downs of life). I’m doing everything I can to be present and content in the moment. We’ve all been through so much and we are so lucky to have made it through the storm."

Amy B. : " Focusing on myself by taking the opportunity to head out of town on weekends and learning to be alone (first for me!). I enjoy alone time by reading, exercising, walking and not relying on distractions of technology to occupy my time."

Erica G. : "Watching good TV and ordering delicious food. Also spending time with friends and family and trying to get to nature."

2. Have you felt anxiety around social gatherings this summer? If so, how are you handling that?

Rachael T. : "I don’t have anxiety but I am more aware of germs/illness in other people and take more strict measures (sanitizing toys and hands more frequently when out) to avoid my child getting sick."

Brooke R. : "Somewhat. I am limiting to gatherings only with vaccinated friends and eating outdoors if in public."

Aviva J. : "Some but not much - I am mostly socializing with people I feel comfortable with."

If you have added any of these practices to your self-care routines, tell us about them in the comments. Or, if you would like to share with us on Instagram, tag us in your self-care photos. We love to see you show off your pajamas and share your self-care routines with us.

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